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Chobani was founded on the belief that people have great taste; they just need great options. It is this belief that brought Chobani to Australia in 2011 - home to a nation of people passionate about food and some of the best milk in the world.

Situation: In November 2020, Chobani Australia was preparing to launch its biggest influencer campaign to date with the goal of engaging 500 unpaid social media influencers for their Chobani Activewear Campaign.

Solution: By leveraging access to the unique analytics built into Meltwater Klear, Chobani was able to identify, engage and monitor authentic brand partners for their influencer campaign.

Impact: By housing all campaign materials in one platform, Chobani experienced improved efficiency, alongside consistent and quality messaging in influencer content.


Chobani is a modern food company that promises to make delicious, nutritious and natural food accessible to all.

After years of delivering delicious yogurts to Australian households, Chobani set out to engage in their biggest influencer marketing campaign to date.

The campaign was designed to strategically tap into the vibrant Instagram community through 500 influential Aussies, highlighting the chance to win top-quality Chobani activewear and further aligning the brand with the world of health and fitness.

The digital marketing team was challenged with finding highly engaging influencers who represented the Chobani brand, had a strong Australian following, and would reach a large audience that was interested in an active lifestyle.

While reach and engagement metrics were important measures for this campaign, it was vital to ensure we achieved consistent messaging across our influencer network, which Meltwater enabled us to do at scale.

Damian Young - General Manager of Marketing, Chobani


Meltwater scaled Chobani Australia's social media influencer marketing process, from influencer discovery to campaign management and reporting.

Chobani saved a significant amount of manual processing time and reduced human error in workflows and double-handling processes.

Meltwater enabled Chobani to deliver strong, consistent messaging through its influencer campaign.