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ChizComm Ltd is a full-service marketing communications agency providing PR, events, digital, and media buying services to more than 30 clients. With offices in Canada and the US, they're valued by their clients for the quality of their ideas and their strategic guidance. Meltwater is a vital source of their intelligence.

Meltwater Enables ChizComm to

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Accommodate more than 30 clients with accurate media monitoring and timely alerts

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Make use of automation to schedule and publish across multiple social platforms

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Pitch more strategically by identifying the most qualified and receptive journalists


Succeeding as Both Magician and Marketing Guru 

Imagination is more important than knowledge, Einstein once said, but the marketing gurus at ChizComm will tell you it's not an either/ or proposition. In the idea business, you want and need both. It's especially important when you're juggling the various requirements of more than 30 different clients working in a variety of industries. Each of these clients have big expectations, their own style and preferences, and strong ideas around how to measure success.

Several years ago, ChizComm's Toronto HQ decided their media monitoring tool was returning too many irrelevant search results and requiring too much manual oversight. They were looking for greater access to broadcast and social media, analytics to provide perspective, and exposure to journalists they could partner with on stories and articles. In early 2019, ChizComm acquired New Jersey company, Beacon. Overnight, staying on top of US market news became as important as following developments in Canada.

VP Kassandra O'Brien says, "We have 30 different clients dancing to different beats. We needed the kind of automation Meltwater offers." 

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Kassandra O'Brien, VP Marketing and Communications, ChizComm

"We started out with a competing product, but we grew pretty quickly. We needed a larger media platform that was a lot more accurate, up-to-date, and quick and efficient."

Kassandra O'Brien, VP Marketing and Communications, ChizComm


Exercising Their Marketing Chops with Meltwater   

Meltwater's real-time alerts and unlimited results allow ChizComm to have confidence they're capturing every client mention and enabling team members in both offices to share their findings with their clients. The powerful global search capabilities provide the Toronto office with another way to ensure their finger is on the pulse of everything happening in the US. They find it extremely time saving to have everything in one place, working together, never forcing them to search the web manually.

Along with the traditional and social media monitoring and engagement capabilities, Meltwater enables ChizComm to schedule and publish across multiple social platforms. Its media influencers contacts database provides users with relevant details on the most qualified journalists, together with the ability to search by keyword, beat, and area. This ensures the PR team is always pitching the journalists and media outlets most likely to pick up their stories.

Kassandra O'Brien says, "If we're doing a launch event in San Diego, for example, we can go real granular and just get local media to ensure the right fit. Some clients have a preference for online activity versus broadcast, so we can filter that way also. We can then store our new list right in Meltwater."

Kassandra O'Brien, VP Marketing and Communications, ChizComm

"We really need to be strategic when pitching, so we love the fact that we can search by keyword, by beat, and by area."

Kassandra O'Brien, VPMarketing and Communications, ChizComm


Meltwater Helps ChizComm   

Become alert to problems sooner and keep them from growing  

"Everyone likes good news, but sometimes you land in a crisis. Our clients always want us to be a step ahead, so it?s really beneficial that we can notify them of something they're mentioned in, good or bad, before they get blindsided. Real-time alerts help us go to our clients with solutions already in hand."

Build relationships with leading journalists both at home and abroad 

"We're in Toronto and 80% of our business is in the US. The influencer contact database allows us to get to know US journalists and outlets and remain up to speed with the US market, even without living there."

Get up and running with new clients in a matter of minutes or hours 

"Meltwater's service team is awesome. Sometimes we've been a little strapped for time and have to use the platform because we've just landed a new client. We'll just shoot the team an email asking them to set up, say, five new brands we need to start monitoring ASAP, and it's done. That's just super helpful."

— Kassandra O'Brien, VP Marketing and Communications, ChizComm 

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