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Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific needs to be across the media conversation around its brand, its competitors and the aviation industry more broadly, anywhere around the world.

Meet Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific, the Philippines' top "low face, great value" airline, first took to the air in 1996. Originally, the company flew between Manila and Cebu but in the years since, the airline's network has grown to incorporate 34 domestic and 18 international destinations across Asia, the Middle East, and Australia. In March 2022, the company welcomed its 200 millionth passenger.

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The challenge Cebu Pacific faced

Cebu Pacific's Communications team is responsible for ensuring the airline gets positive media coverage all over the world. The team is very effective at putting out press releases, arranging interviews, running events and press conferences, and coordinating photo shoots. Getting the coverage was not the problem. What Cebu Pacific needed, though, was a way of tracking the media coverage they received, no matter where in the world that coverage happened.

Cebu Pacific Air Corporate Communications Director, Carmina Romero said although the airline previously had a media monitoring partner, the company had been unable to track its media coverage outside the Philippines.

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Carmina Romero, Corporate Communications Director, Cebu Pacific Air

We needed visibility on our international media pick-ups, not just for ourselves but for our competitor brands, too. Previously, we'd only be able to find out about international coverage if we had an agency partner that let us know about it. It was impossible to monitor all our coverage, let alone find out the tone and sentiment of the coverage we were receiving.

Carmina Romero, Corporate Communications Director, Cebu Pacific Air

The solution Meltwater provided to Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific turned to Meltwater for a solution to its media monitoring needs. Meltwater allows Cebu Pacific to track the airline's share of voice not just internationally, but also at home in the Philippines.

Cebu Pacific's Corporate Communications Director, Carmina Romero, said: "With Meltwater we're able to monitor how stories about Cebu Pacific are picked up, including the sentiment of the coverage, the location, and the share of voice compared to our competitors."

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Meltwater enables Cebu Pacific to:

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Track media coverage in the Philippines and abroad

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Understand the effectiveness of their media outreach and PR


Monitor and compare the media coverage of competitors

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Easily generate reports for senior management.

The Ultimate Social Listening Tool

By harnessing Meltwater's solution, it allows Cebu Pacific to monitor stories about the pick up of their brand, including the sentiment of the coverage, the location, and the share of voice compared to their competitors. It also allow them to easily generate reports, which has been ideal for reporting back to senior management and the wider business group about their team's activities and successes.