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Brut. is a French digital-media firm founded in November 2016. It is a first-of-its-kind company that makes "socially conscious" news and videos for Gen Z and millennials with the goal of providing unfiltered information for people to form their own opinion.

Meltwater allowed Brut. to:

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Obtain powerful analytics on social conversations and guide editorial choices.

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Transform audience data into insights.

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Understand the real impact of their content strategy.

The Challenge:

Brut. needed help analyzing social conversations around topics of interest to their audience.

The Solution:

Using data available within the Meltwater platform, the company was able to identify its target audiences, help inform journalists' subject choices, and guide the production of content and development of new products.

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"Audience is a tool that comes in addition to Explore that allows us to dig deeper into a subject that seems interesting to us. It allows us to understand what is being said about a brand. These hyper-powerful insights are crucial for story pitches.”

- Paul Tarsiguel, Lead Data Analyst at Brut.

In Short

Meltwater allows Brut. to:

Dive deep into social conversations

Brut. needs to understand social conversations in real-time and get as close as possible to what people are saying about specific topics. Social listening enables Brut. to tap into different communities and understand where their interests lie.

Transform audience data into insights

Meltwater's Audience solution allows users to collect and analyze a specific social account’s data to uncover consumer insights. Brut. used this solution to gain a deeper understanding of how their audiences behave and react.

Understand the real impact of their content strategy

The Meltwater platform provides Brut. with actionable strategic insights on their audiences that the company can apply to create a data-driven approach to managing their content strategy.

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