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Brote is a digital marketing agency headquartered in northern Argentina. They offer their Latin American clients strategic and creative communication solutions that have the potential to make a global impact. Meltwater's media intelligence platform helps them monitor brand mentions and manage client reputation.

Meltwater Enables Brote to

Manage crises more effectively by providing timely alerts

Capture a greater percentage of media mentions

Create reliable reports with detailed metrics in minutes


Acquiring Enough Facts to Manage Positive Outcomes 

The English translation of 'brote' is surge, a word that in the context of marketing suggests something spreading like wildfire. Brote is a digital marketing agency experienced in generating positive buzz for their clients, and they have a large client roster of leading Latin American companies to show for it. 

What they don't have is a lot of extra time to sift through all of the social media channels where their clients are often topics of conversation. Every minute spent manually monitoring for negative comments is one fewer minute available to prepare a response. Brote was using Hootsuite as their social listening platform but had genuine concerns over the number of mentions the tool was capturing. Hootsuite's search functionality was limited, and exporting the search results wasn't easy. The agency also wanted a more trustworthy tool for measuring brand sentiment, a key concern of their clients, along with faster and more accurate reporting. 

"Hootsuite didn't allow us to capture some of the most relevant mentions in Facebook, and we worried about that a lot. Reputation management depends on knowing everything people are saying."

Andres Giuliani, Community Manager, Brote


Monitoring and Reporting that Inspires Confidence 

Meltwater is proving an ideal match for a marketing agency running on internet time. Brote is delighted with the lightning-quick alerts they receive from the platform whenever negative comments are encountered. Not only is Brote able to react faster in times of crisis, but Meltwater also buys them more time to weigh the information before involving a client. This allows cooler heads to prevail in times of crisis and fosters better relationships.

Client brand mentions are up dramatically — largely a function of better monitoring- along with the quality of Brote's reporting and analysis. The platform serves up reliable, tangible metrics in a fraction of the time along with reliable links to the relevant content. Before Meltwater, Brote's social team typically spent several hours digging into topics covered in their reports. Today they can perform the same tasks with much higher quality in 20 minutes or less. 

Since managing the switch from Hootsuite to Meltwater last year, Andres Giuliani says that his life has become easier. "With Meltwater, I no longer have to double-check our results outside of the social listening platform in order to confirm that our clients are covered. I sleep much better." 

"With Meltwater, I no longer have to double-check our results outside of the social listening platform in order to confirm that our clients are covered. I sleep much better."

Andres Giuliani, Community Manager, Brote


Meltwater Helps Brote 

Automate media monitoring and let nothing slip past 

"Before Meltwater, we had to navigate to each social network and input the words and hashtags we were following manually. Not only was this incredibly time-consuming, we were getting just a fraction of what Meltwater can pull in seconds. Meltwater's comprehensive monitoring changed the way we see our brands."

Respond quickly in times of crisis with facts in hand  

"A large client of ours was acquiring a prominent bank recently when the seller suddenly had his assets seized. Fortunately, we have a robust listening tool. Meltwater allowed us to follow the negative impacts on social media and gauge how our response was able to mitigate the situation in favor of our client." 

Compile detailed reports and analysis in a matter of minutes  

"I was always on the run trying to complete my reports, but now I can present them knowing the quality is exceptional. Meltwater reporting is so efficient that I have time to review the details of the coverage along with the analysis that I'm presenting. Compiling a report usually takes me 20 minutes or less."

— Andres Giuliani, Community Manager