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A marketing agency office.

Boelter + Lincoln

Boelter + Lincoln is a full-scale marketing agency, supporting clients with their range of expertise including; Influencer Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations, Media, Branding, Design, Content Creation, and Strategy. There is really no service that is off-limits for the B+L team. The agency specializes in supporting clients in Travel & Tourism, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Finance, and Food & Beverage. No matter the service or the industry, B+L clients will receive data-driven results. This begins with thorough research of each client’s industry and finalizes in customized strategy and results.

Meltwater Influencer Marketing helped Boelter + Lincoln:

Build a quantitive influencer scoring methodology

Enhance its influencer discovery and selection process

Implement a CRM for influencer campaign management

When it came to influencer marketing, the B+L team wanted to use the same approach they use with other marketing channels, but to do so they needed a tool that would scale their research capabilities.

Challenge: Establish Influencer Research Process

Like many agencies, B+L used various tools to manage their influencer marketing activity: Excel, Google Search, Instagram #hashtag search, and their in-house Influencer Power Index (IPI). The agency’s IPI helps to analyze different influencers through qualitative and quantitative influencer marketing metrics. However, these tools alone left key points of analysis overlooked. The B+L team felt limited by the number of potential partners their search method rendered and wanted to incorporate sufficient metrics into their decision making process.

“We didn’t have the full picture of the influencers we were selecting.”

Client research is an integral part of the Boelter + Lincoln process. Although the team had thoroughly analyzed their client’s customer demographics, they didn’t have a way to incorporate this information into their influencer selection process. B+L needed a process to put their comprehensive client research to good use. That meant sophisticated search filters and influencer metrics for an even higher level of data-driven selection.

What Did Boelter + Lincoln Need?

A proven methodology for influencer research and selection that could be easily coupled with their Influencer Power Index to see the full picture of a potential partner.

Solution: Leveraging Influencer Insights With 82% Accuracy

With Meltwater Influencer Marketing's sophisticated search engine, Boelter + Lincoln evolved the way they identify influencers. Using audience demographics the team immediately could identify partnership opportunities that perfectly matched client campaigns. And, with Meltwater's broad range of influencer scoring metrics, they were able to vet influencers based on impact and past success.

“Meltwater Influencer Marketing's ability to segment influencer discovery based on our research of our client’s audience has allowed us to scale influencer campaigns with our clients.”

The B+L team leveraged smart search filters and audience demographic data to discover real influencers with real impact. This new approach helped the team discover “hidden gem” micro-influencers and enabled niche influencer discovery that fit the B+L customized approach. For example, they identified niche influencers for travel-oriented clients using keywords such as “outdoor adventure” and “multigenerational travel”.

What Did Boelter + Lincoln Get?

A new system ensures that each Boelter +Lincoln client collaborates with influencers that will generate impact with a niche audience.

Success: A Customized Influencer Scoring System For Clients

Boelter + Lincoln always work hand in hand with clients, and now this extends to influencer marketing. The B+L team optimized Meltwater Influencer Marketing's metrics to boost its internal Influencer Power Index (IPI).

“The qualitative power of Meltwater Influencer Marketing enhanced our statistical capabilities, and lets us provide meaningful data to our clients.”

B+L’s IPI is now completely customized, taking each client’s goals and audience into consideration. Using Meltwater, B+L now has established a variety of key IPI scoring categories, including content fit, media appearances, engagement rate, and more. This scoring system has not only enhanced client trust but added a data methodology to agency-client collaboration.

What did Boelter + Lincoln achieve?

By incorporating Meltwater Influencer Marketing into their workflow, the Boelter + Lincoln team:

  • Built out a quantitative influencer scoring methodology; Influencer Power Index
  • Determined a successful methodology for influencer discovery and selection with 82% accuracy
  • Streamlined organizational communication by utilizing a central-repository of influencers and a CRM for work management

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