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Photo of a camera taking a picture of a ship wreck under water

Blueye Robotics

Blueye Robotics is a technology company established by four entrepreneurs in 2015. The idea and the vision behind the company is based on a desire to make the sea available to more people.

Meltwater helps Blueye Robotics with

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Identifying Relevant Influencers

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PR Outreach

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Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring & PR Management

Provides a good overview

Blueye Robotics uses media monitoring strategically to find relevant news and information surrounding its industry. This helps them have a neat overview of relevant audiences and competitors.

“Since we operate in a market that is still somewhat undefined and new, it has been important for us to strategically use tools that give us an overview of what is of interest and how other competitors are approaching the market.” Oda Ryggen, Marketing Director in Blueye Robotics, explains.

Blueye Robotics also identifies the most relevant journalists using Meltwater's press tool. This assists them with easily searching for relevant media contacts based on subject, name, geographic location, trends, publication or a simple keyword search. By doing so, they can find right contacts locally and globally.

Photo of someone in a working suite standing on the dock holding a high tech camera in his hand
Oda Ryggen, Marketing Director, Blueye Robotics

“Meltwater helps us find relevant market information, which in turn, informs our strategic decision making. Taking a data-driven approach has a positive impact on our work and performance. Meltwater tools are simple and easy to use. As a partner, Meltwater always follows up with our use of the tools and provides us with good and useful tips for how we can take advantage of the products even more.”

Oda Ryggen, Marketing Director, Blueye Robotics


Media Monitoring

Meltwater helps Blueye Robotics achieve an overview of what is written about their own brand and competitors, as well as topics of interest in the media.

Effective PR Management

Meltwater’s press tool helps Blueye Robotics send out press releases and find relevant journalists both locally and globally to build relationships with.

Screenshot of the Meltwater media monitoring platform