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Block Watne

Block Watne builds roughly 1,000 new homes a year. All project development, sales and construction are performed in-house by their employees. With 18 district offices in Norway, they have good insight into various local market conditions.

Meltwater helps Block Watne with

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All-in-one Social Media Management

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Real-time analytics

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Insights about industry and competitors


Document performance on social media

Block Watne leverages Meltwater social media management tool to manage 18 Facebook pages and gain a full overview of all incoming enquiries. "This has given me peace of mind. Now that we have made the decision to be present on social media, it has been important for me to be able to quickly respond to relevant conversations. With help from Meltwater Engage, we can see which enquiries have been responded to and those that have not. Furthermore, I can easily delegate questions to whoever has the best expertise in what our followers are searching for information on." - Kirandip Kaur, Marketing Consultant at Block Watne, explains.

Planning social media activities for Block Watne is a monthly routine. With Engage, Block Watne can extract reports which provide a graphic presentation of performance and social media return on investment. "It adds a whole other dimension to the work when you can see who really gains results from the effort they put in it" - Kirandip Kaur, Marketing Consultant at Block Watne, adds. Analytics show how many people the various Facebook posts have reached, how many have engaged in the posts, and response time, among other metrics.

In addition, Block Watne has set up a separate section in the Engage platform where they also have an overview of competitors and selected pages which they find inspiring. By doing so, they can see which activities perform better and use this as inspiration to improve their own content.

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Kirandip Kaur, Marketing Consultant, Block Watne

"Meltwater Engage gives us an overview of all our Facebook pages from the same platform.”

Kirandip Kaur, Marketing Consultant, Block Watne


Visibility of all social channels from one platform

Meltwater helps Block Watne gain an overview of all their Facebook pages from one integrated platform.

Managing incoming inquiries

Meltwater Engage assists Block Watne with gaining a full overview of all incoming inquiries, helping them to save time and work more efficiently.

Competitor intelligence

Meltwater provides Block Watne with an overview of its competitors. Among other things, they see which posts the various competitors get the best response to so they can optimise future strategies and use data to guide decision-making.

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