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Beco Capital

BECO Capital is the leading Venture Capital in MENA. BECO Capital aims to support the technology revolution in MENA through investing in smart, early stage internet and mobile companies in the region, founded by amazing entrepreneurs that are creating solutions that solve large regional problems.

Meltwater Enables BECO Capital to

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Create quality content for the tech ecosystem

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Identify and engage qualified journalists

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Track and measure media coverage


Standing out in a market that's over flooded with press releases

BECO Capital's mission is to be the venture capital leader across MENA. The company wants to put itself on the map as the industry thought leader and go to destination for startups looking for funding and business support.

As part of its mentorship program, BECO Capital provides PR advice and guidance to the startups it works with. BECO's PR team supports its rising entrepreneurs through training them on how to target the right journalists and how to create relevant, value adding content for the tech ecosystem in MENA.

The GCC market is over flooded with press releases and getting quality PR is hard. PR agencies are everywhere - though a costly investment especially for startups in their early stages.

The challenge was multi fold. BECO's PR strategy is built based on the belief that PR has changed and relying on the press release will not help the company stand out. The PR team had to come up with creative ways to take the press release beyond its traditional usage and instead create content that was interesting, informative and value providing to entrepreneurs in the region. BECO's PR team needed to be able to identify influential journalists that write about relevant topics for the industry as they couldn't rely on pushing press releases on the wire. The team was in need of a tool that allowed for building relations and interacting with journalists in a more effective way.

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Serene Touma, Marketing & Comms Director at Beco Capital

"My favourite feature is the morning report. In one glance I can see all our mentions in the media and can use different Meltwater dashboards to analyse the quality, potential reach and value of our media coverage."

Serene Touma, Marketing & Comms Director at Beco Capital


Identify and engage relevant journalists to achieve quality PR

BECO Capital leverages Meltwater's Influencer Contact Manager to become a thought leader in the industry through providing relevant and substantial content for the tech ecosystem in MENA. Meltwater's Influencer Contact Manager provides the PR team at BECO Capital with access to key influential journalists that write about relevant topics at key publications across the region.

The PR team is visionary in the way it views PR - PR is more than just a press release. The team hasn't sent more than 1 press release in the last 3 months! For BECO, PR is a holistic approach to delivering high quality content to the industry through different media programs including issuing reports on market trends, hosting events and creating speaking opportunities to provide opinion and knowledge. This qualitative approach to PR requires building strong relationships with the media, and that's what Meltwater's Influencer Contact Manager allows for. The tool is a complete workflow through which BECO PR team is able to build a real time database of relevant journalists that's updated regularly. Meltwater allows you to send personalised follow up emails to the journalists that haven't opened your initial email which increases your response rate and maximises your media coverage. You can build a media list of those journalists who engaged with your emails to create future media opportunities such as inviting them to upcoming events and sending them industry trends reports.


Meltwater Helps BECO Capital to

Create quality content for the tech ecosystem

"With Meltwater's media monitoring tool we are always up to date with market trends and developments. We utilise these insights to create quality content for the tech ecosystem in the GCC and the wider MENA."

Identify and engage qualified key journalists Track and measure media coverage

"Meltwater's Influencer Contact Manager is real-time and constantly updated. The keyword search is extremely valuable as it allows me to find the right journalists, quickly. If my story is about bitcoin then I can use bitcoin as a keyword to identify journalists that have written about this topic in the last 3 months."

Track and measure media coverage

'Meltwater's media monitoring tools allow us to track our media coverage and deliver deep insights into our performance so we can discover market trends and create valuable content for the tech ecosystem in MENA."