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Founded in 2013, Ballo is a South African sustainable manufacture-retail company that produces eye wear and clothing made from up-cycled materials. Calling Cape Town their home, Ballo runs their business differently by using recycled offcuts and other sustainable materials, as well as hiring local talent instead of using automated machinery. At Ballo, they view waste differently in an effort to put the planet before profit.

Meltwater Enables Ballo to

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Send More Effective Press Releases

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See What Content Works

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Reach A Wider Audience


Increase Press To Grow Online Sales 

For about a year, Ballo was looking for a solution that would helo them grow their online sales by increasing the amount of press coverage they receive. Using only social media, Ballo was experiencing slow growth. This has a knock on effect on sales since they had too-few click through's to their eCommerce store. 

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"The results from using Meltwater's Media Monitoring Tool have been positive, especially when it comes to seeing the return. There's a much wider interest in my brand now - even in new international markets. This has helped the business grow into new markets and started new conversations with individuals and wholesalers. The Meltwater team has been incredible and have met expectations at every level."

Alistair Barnes, Founder & Creative Director


Meltwater's Media Monitoring Tool 

Before Meltwater, Ballo wasn't targeting the press as effectively as they could be, this meant they the message wasn't getting in front of the press that care. After using Meltwater for 6 months, Ballo became more efficient in sending press releases to the right journalists and bloggers, allowing for Ballo to grow their online following. With the Meltwater'sMedia Monitoring Tool, the positive impact seen was a more accurate measure of Ballo's ROI. They calculated ROI based on the number of relevant brand conversations tracked as well as their click-through rate to online store. 


Meltwater Helps Ballo To  

Send More Effective Press Releases  

"The most noticeable difference since using Meltwater has been the PR reach and conversations in new, international markets. Meltwater'sMedia Monitoring Tool has helped me reach the right bloggers and journalists, making my press releases more effective." 

See What Content Works  

"Meltwater has been so easy to use, but my favorite feature has to be tracking mentions as it shows me what people are saying about my brand. This helps me make strategic decisions, for example, what content I need to either create more or less of." 

Reach A Wider Audience 

"Since using media intelligence, I've seen a much wider interest in the Ballo brand, including interest from new international markets. More press and bloggers are getting in touch with us now, and I'm seeing more website views which has helped with generate more online sales."  

— Alistair Barnes, Founder & Creative Director

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