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Archrival is a U.S. based youth culture agency that reinvents how brands connect with and win the hearts and minds of young adults, teens to twenty somethings. The beating heart of what they do: creative built on the approach that human-powered marketing places influential and motivated advocates at the center of a business’s most important goals. Through its human-centered approach to insights, influence, and creativity, Archrival has masterminded true brand movements across a variety of industries including retail, sports, CPG, gaming, activism, entertainment, hospitality and travel.

Meltwater Provides Archrival With

Social Media Listening

Audience Analytics and Insights

Influencer Management and Reporting

The Challenge

Intuitive & Comprehensive Reporting on the Ground

At the top of Archrival’s rolodex of services you’ll find the building of influential field teams, creative experiences, and activations around critical business KPIs to reach consumers both in person and online. The foundations of these programs are built on a blend of traditional research and cultural exploration, giving their client brands a strategic lens into youth culture. Archrival’s ability to blend this qualitative and quantitative research was limited by their current social listening platform’s complex and unfriendly UI. Their field programs, activations and events felt these limitations the most, as generating and measuring buzz on the ground is crucial for brand awareness, inspiring brand love, and the overall success of the initiative.

Part of their field programs involve working with the right brand agents and influencers that would champion high quality social content. While not initially something they looked to solve with Meltwater, a challenge Archrival faced was a result of the combination of their existing tools and limitations of the native social platforms. They were often forced to utilize vanity metrics over impact metrics, which not only went against their agency DNA, but also hindered their ability to report on the effectiveness of the content that their brand agents and influencers produced. 

“With our previous tool, we never got it off the ground more than the use cases we needed to fulfill with it. The barrier to entry was so high that we only had 1-2 people comfortable and versed in using it. With Meltwater, we were able to democratize the platform within our team because of its ease of use, which provided a quick path to satisfy our curiosity and get the depth of knowledge we needed. ”

Kevin McCaskill, Head of Analytics

The Solution

Archrival was on the hunt for alternative social listening solutions that rivaled that of their existing tool, with a focus on finding a partner that offered better usability, deeper insights, and, as a bonus, integrated offerings to support other aspects of their client work. 

Social & Audience Intelligence as a Window Into the Consumer

When it comes to social listening, Archrival’s initial draw to Meltwater was its ease of use, scalability of insights and functionality, and ability to quickly and easily onboard other employees. This felt like a direct path to better measuring conversations happening as a result of their programs and leveraging these insights across internal teams. 

Knowing that they could now more efficiently monitor the conversations on the ground, the logical next step was to explore Meltwater’s consumer insights solution, which helps answer the many questions social listening inevitably poses. Who are these consumers? What do they care about? What new and emerging segments or categories exist? These insights were quickly utilized as a secondary research method by Archrival’s research team as a way to build out audience profiles, gut-check their initial hypotheses about a client’s target audience, and act as a foundational element upon which many of their activation and event programs are built. 

Influencer Marketing with True Impact 

With social listening and consumer insights now under a single roof, Meltwater’s influencer marketing solution was simply a happy surprise and added bonus for Archrival. As Archrival understands the importance of working with influencers that attract the right people and produce high-quality content, the selling point was Meltwater’s “true reach” metric, coupled with the ability to research, vet and track influencers in one place. True Reach is perhaps one of the most important performance metrics for influencer marketing. Through machine learning, it measures an influencer’s exposure potential by identifying the average number of users who view a piece of content. In other words, real views. Not only can this metric be reported directly back to the client, but Archrival is also able to make informed decisions about their programs without the fear that these numbers might be inflated. 

“It’s key to keep clients informed about how their campaigns are actually landing with consumers. Metrics are always a starting point for strategic adjustment and without great data you are just left with questions. Meltwater’s stream of information allows us to make informed decisions for clients and gives them something to celebrate about when things go off without a hitch.”

Kevin McCaskill, Head of Analytics


Archrival is a U.S. based youth culture agency that reinvents how brands connect with and win the hearts and minds of young adults, teens to twenty somethings. Learn more about the work they are doing at