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Archdiocese of Toronto

Comprising nearly two million Catholics, 225 parishes, 800 clergy, and celebrating daily mass in 36 languages, the Archdiocese of Toronto is one of the largest and diverse faith communities. Last year marked the Archdiocese's 175th anniversary as the spiritual and administrative head of the Catholic Church in Ontario.

Meltwater Enables the Archdiocese of Toronto to

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Stay on top of news stories impacting leadership and 225 parishes

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Generate support for Church activities via a weekly newsletter

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Create reliable, data-rich reports directly from the dashboard


Information on Demand 

Tending to the needs of millions requires open communication and centralized information. Community outreach, media relations, and ongoing dialog with the parishes are all priorities of the Archdiocese of Toronto. Yet, the diocese?s size and diversity complicate the process of tracking and sharing news relevant to Church leaders and parishioners. Before Meltwater, the Archdiocese's communications team had a news monitoring tool but found it unreliable. When the tool failed to capture important coverage during the papal conclave in 2013, the team made the switch.

Communications Coordinator Marlena Loughheed says, "Meltwater offers so many advantages, including the ability to monitor broadcast, search and pull retroactive coverage, and create high-quality reports." 

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Marlena Loughheed, Communications Coordinator

Meltwater's versatility also provides welcome surprises. Marlena Loughheed explains, "Our email went down just when we needed to distribute an important media statement. So we logged in, generated a list of every media contact, and sent the statement through Meltwater."

Marlena Loughheed, Communications Coordinator


Rock-Solid Performance and Resources  

The Archdiocese relies heavily on Meltwater for daily media monitoring. The communications team tracks mentions of their organization, leadership and stakeholders, keeping them in the know in real-time.

They also use Meltwater to create and send a weekly newsletter to parishes, which includes articles featuring good deeds done by others that priests often include in weekly sermons. Beyond sharing top articles, the newsletter is fully customizable, which allows the team to include local church announcements and events, helping generate support for Church activities. Post-event, Church leaders receive an ROI report generated directly from the platform, which details the media impact of an event, earned media from outreach efforts, and justifies media spend.   


Meltwater Helps Archdiocese of Toronto 

Find and disseminate articles with parishes and priests 

"The newsletters we create in Meltwater allow us to quickly find and disseminate articles about people living out their faith directly with all 225 parishes and priests. The ability to streamline communication with the entire archdiocese has kept parishes in the know, while priests use these articles to prepare for their weekly sermons." 

Track and report on big events in the life of the Archdiocese 

"In stark contrast to our previous tool, Meltwater pulls coverage from all media and provides ROI and reach metrics for our local events. When St.Michael's Cathedral reopened last year, the Meltwater team created a report for us which included metrics and commentary allowing us to understand and articulate the impact of the re-opening." 

— Monica Aza, Corporate Affairs 

Receive proactive consultation from experienced Customer Success reps 

"This will be our third year renewing with Meltwater. We've had a consistent rep throughout, which makes a huge difference. I know I can just send a note to my rep asking him to make an adjustment and he'll email me back within 15 minutes saying we're good to go."

— Marlena Loughheed, Communications Coordination