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Founded in 2003, Aranca is a global research, analytics and advisory firm empowering decision makers from Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, and high potential start-ups with intelligence and insights to make better business decisions. They enable this by bringing to play the right mix of the best data, the best methodologies, and the best talent to build a Custom Intelligence Blueprint for their clients.

Meltwater Enables Aranca to:

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Enhance Thought Leadership content

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Generate global media coverage to gain brand recognition

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Utilize data for developing a communication strategy


Access to Industry Trends Across Different Markets

A few years ago, Aranca needed to develop an efficient way to monitor coverage and pitch stories to various regional media outlets, with the aim of achieving greater brand awareness in their primary markets of Europe, the Gulf and the US.

From a communications perspective, it is essential for the B2B organization, which caters to various industries, to:

1. Establish thought leadership in key technology domain and industry verticals

2. Exhibit subject matter expertise of the team through PR placements

3. Identify and keep up with upcoming market trends

4. Have a clear analysis of competition within the industry

5. Develop a suitable method for measuring brand awareness and impact

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Anupriy a Deepak, Head of Corporate, Communications at Aranca

"We needed a solution that enabled the corporate communications team with actionable intelligence on what's trending across the domains, technologies, industries, geographies that are relevant to Aranca. This input is critical for us to feed into our content development and marketing program, to brief the analyst teams on content ideas to develop and for the marketing teams to identify channels and audience to target for amplification of the content."

Anupriy a Deepak, Head of Corporate, Communications at Aranca


Automated Newsletters of Global Industry Insights for Different Practices

We needed a tool that goes beyond news tracking and monitoring, a platform that enabled complex search strings to pull accurate data in real-time. We wanted a system that allowed us to use the output from Meltwater and integrate the insights into our global content marketing, social media engagement and influencer outreach programs.

With Meltwater, we are able to use multiple features as inputs to our marketing program - trend analysis, content generation ideas, media outreach, media room updates, SEO, newsletters, press release communication, social media content calendar among others.

Customized dashboards, real time updates and newsletters, along with the outreach mechanism within Meltwater, makes it a potent tool for Aranca's corporate communications practice. Searching for news alerts on niche topics and creating highly focused searches has made Meltwater a preferred tool for Aranca. The team gets relevant information immediately with alerts on mobile, which helps improve engagement with audiences and influencers. The ability of identifying influencers, creating custom lists and engaging with the right people, all within the same platform, has streamlined PR efforts towards branding building and influencer profiling.


Meltwater Helps Aranca To

1. Enhance thought leadership content

"Meltwater's listening and monitoring capabilities help us answer questions like, what is the next trending story? What are the different story angles? How can Aranca add more value to clients? Furthermore, the solution helps us to build the discussion with senior stakeholders in terms of content angles."

2. Generate global media coverage to gain brand recognition

"Our aim this year is to promote discussion around niche topics within research and advisory, hence the focus lies strongly on geographical placement and relevance. Meltwater's influencer database, global outreach, and its geographic segmentation capabilities have helped us pitch and disseminate relevant content."

3. Utilize data for developing a communication strategy

"Tracking of online and print resources gives us access to a large pool of in-depth information in real-time. We can make sense of the data and use it to steer our communication strategy. When I see a trending topic, it helps to discuss and explore possibilities of capturing opinions and insights within the team. Eventually, it gets visibility in the form of media stories and opinion pieces, which means more reach and much more engagement for Aranca's spokespeople/ experts."