Todos pela Educação (All for Education)

Going All-In on Education

Todos pela Educação, also known as All for Education, is a nonpartisan nonprofit working to guarantee all Brazilians a quality basic education by 2022. Founded in 2006, it comprises 32 distinct organizations and many diverse sectors of Brazilian society. Meltwater is a key resource in their research and media communication efforts.

Meltwater Enables Todos pela Educação to

Build a reputation as a force for positive change by gathering and sharing data

Get the jump on any potential crisis with timely alerts and superior monitoring

Take the pulse of Brazilians using social listening solutions and sentiment analysis


Shaping Discussions and Establishing Credibility 

Progress requires education, and when your goal is a prosperous country, education becomes a priority. Todos pela Educação (TPE) is a leading advocate for universal education in Brazil, and they've targeted 2022— the bicentennial of Brazil's independence— as the year to achieve this. 

Communication and public opinion are key tools in TPE's arsenal. Shaping the discussion leading to better policy and legislation requires accessing and sharing research grounded in facts and evidence. Capturing the latest data and reports to help TPE point the way forward was high on their wish list. 

Monitoring their media mentions had become a time-consuming task, especially with the growth of social media. CommunicationsManager Bárbara Benatti says, "When we used to look for our name, we always saw a lot of irrelevant results that simply contained the word education."

The hours wasted on manual searches left too little time for strategizing, putting TPE's goals and timeline in jeopardy. They wanted to decrease the time spent finding and sorting documents and increase the opportunities to influence change. They knew that demonstrating their value with the help of metrics and analytics would help them grow their support and boost their fundraising.

"Before Meltwater, we had to gather all the information needed for our research projects manually. This didn't leave us enough time to strategize and optimize our efforts."

Bárbara Benatti, Communications Manager, Todos pela Educação


An All-In-One Media Communications Platform 

TPE's Meltwater platform includes global monitoring, analytics, influencers contact database, and social media listening and engagement. Finely tuned media monitoring limits their results to actual mentions of their name and the topics and keywords they care about. Bárbara Benatti says, "This is helping us build better connections with politicians, because now we're providing better research and more actionable information that in turn helps the legislative process."

Meltwater helps TPE head off any potential crisis with timely alerts, as happened recently when protesters took to the streets to protest education funding cuts and began shouting the organization's name. TPE used the platform to confirm that they weren't being targeted, but that protesters were simply using the words in their name to demand action and rally support.  

Plugging into the Zeitgeist, or "spirit of the times," offers other advantages as well. Meltwater's social listening solutions help TPE curate the content populating their press releases and other communications. They can measure reach, sentiment, and share of voice, with the data displayed on Meltwater's easily configured dashboards. These metrics help TPE continue to grow their influence with the government and the people. 

"Education is fundamental to the development of our country. Our communication strategies now work around the insights provided by Meltwater."

Bárbara Benatti, Communications Manager, Todos pela Educação


Meltwater Helps Todos pela Educação 

Gather and share data with others to lead education reform in Brazil 

"Organizations come to us to understand what is happening in the realm of education.We can see the share of voice of our mentions and how influential our message is. This is very important for our funding. Of course we want to show our supporters how relevant we are and the wide reach of our communications."

Use social listening and analytics to precisely gauge public sentiment 

"People were in the streets recently protesting budget cuts to education, using the same words that are in our name. Before Meltwater, this could have presented a real crisis for us. Using the platform, we were able to take the pulse of the protest and the sentiments behind it, and things became much clearer." 

Build credibility by drilling down and getting to the core of issues 

"Meltwater gives us the ability to drill down from a major topic to many important subtopics. For example, if we're talking about funds for education, we can also see how, based on tracking conversations, this also influences the common core for primary education. These details add a lot to our credibility."

— Bárbara Benatti, Communications Manager, Todos pela Educação