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Sustainable fine jewelry brand Akind creates jewelry that people can feel good about, and it uses influencer marketing to bring its products to like-minded consumers. Previously, the brand faced three big obstacles to making the most of influencer marketing: scaling recruitment efforts, organizing insights, and streamlining communication. Today, Akind uses Meltwater to centralize its campaign management activities and double its marketing team’s productivity. Here’s how.

Meltwater helps Akind:

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Cut influencer discovery time in half

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Build strong influencer partnerships

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Boost productivity by 100%

Focused influencer recruitment

Akind’s marketing team used to sink hours into manually finding and vetting influencers, but Meltwater’s influencer marketing solution cut down discovery time by 50% to uncover creators that can help the brand connect with new audiences. Filters for qualities like location and audience size, along with comprehensive profiles detailing past campaigns, audience demographics, and engagement analytics, let the Akind marketing team quickly zero in on the influencers they need for each campaign.

“Meltwater allows us to have a large database of influencers and to search into collaboration options in an easier way than we have been able to do with any other platform,” says Bailey Anderson. “I can’t live without the analyzation tool. Being able to put in a creator’s name and getting their insights really helps us get a better understanding of if a creator is the right fit for the brand.”

Having that quick understanding of brand fit helps Akind identify and connect with highly engaged audiences with related interests, like minimalist design and sustainable fashion. As a result, the brand increased its follower growth rate to nearly 4% in just two months.

Streamlined campaign management

When Akind discovers an ideal potential partner, it uses Meltwater to recruit them with resources like branded landing pages and affiliate links. Once scattered across an array of documents and spreadsheets, the brand’s influencer management documents and communications are now contained within the Meltwater platform. With essential assets in one place, the Akind marketing team can ensure essential threads aren’t dropped. The convenience and clarity Meltwater enables on both sides helps Akind build stronger relationships with its influencers. 

Those stronger ties not only benefit Akind’s social media presence, they also let the brand tap into their influencers’ expertise. “Influencers have a high value in terms of marketing, overall,” Anderson says. “With the continual trend towards more organic and relatable social media content, being able to work with creators who can provide honest opinions and suggestions on our products is something that we would not be able to achieve through other means of marketing.” With their influencers’ feedback organized and easy to find, Akind has first-hand insights it can use to refine its content, identity, and voice.

Organized campaign tracking and analytics

When it comes to tracking and evaluation, Akind’s marketers have all the data they need within the campaign measurement section of the Meltwater influencer marketing solution. Unified analytics dashboards give them easy-to-understand views of campaign performance and analytics. 

Plus, the ability to track how the content of each creator performs in terms of sales and estimated media value lets the company identify which partnerships are its strongest so it can iterate on that success in future campaigns. Having this data at hand lets Akind understand exactly how much impact their campaigns have and what KPIs they want to reach next. 

“The platform has allowed us to increase our individual campaign goals,” says Anderson. “We are able to work at a higher level by having a platform that assists in organization and analytics.”

From recruitment through reporting, Meltwater’s influencer marketing solution empowers Akind’s marketing team to boost its productivity by 100%, giving it more time to strategize. 

“As a newer company, we continue to reach into new markets and without Meltwater it would be quite hard to even understand where to begin.”

Bailey Anderson, PR and Influencer Marketing Specialist, Akind

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