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Photo of AirportCity Stockholm from above

Airport City Stockholm

A new city is emerging halfway between Stockholm and Uppsala, around Arlanda - Airport City Stockholm. Airport City Stockholm was created from a vision of having a living city that's more closely integrated with its surrounding area. Proximity to Stockholm Arlanda Airport, rail networks and the motorway creates opportunities for communities to come closer together. Meltwater's competitive intelligence and reporting helps Airport City Stockholm to stay up to date with regards to what's being said about the new city in both editorial news and social media. The reports Airport City Stockholm receives from Meltwater help them to easily follow-up on opportunities and understand where they have been successful in their communication efforts.

Meltwater Enables Airport City Stockholm to

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Get a good overview of threats and opportunities

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Understand industry developments

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Keep an eye on the competition through competitive intelligence


Meltwater - Helps Airport City to get a good overview

Airport City Stockholm receives a custom report from Meltwater every quarter. The report allows them to gain a clear view of the results and outcomes of their communication work. They then share the reports with the senior management and the board of executives so that activities and investments can be adjusted by showing what has been effective to date.

The reports also provide Airport City Stockholm with insights on, among other things, various types of partnerships. "We've been able to see that we have had greater effect in some contexts and less in others - this type of analysis helps us to see what we need to do in order to have the desired effect"- Åsa Larsson, Communications Director, Airport City Stockholm.

Screenshot of the Meltwater Platform with a media analysis for Airport City Stockholm
Åsa Larsson Communications Director, Airport City Stockholm

"Meltwater is most certainly a tool to invest in for those wanting a clear grasp of the outcomes of their communication work"

Åsa Larsson Communications Director, Airport City Stockholm


Solution Report & Analysis

Meltwater's competitive intelligence enables Airport City Stockholm to keep an eye on important competitor mentions in editorial and social media. Meltwater's reports not only show how Airport City Stockholm's brand has increased awareness in various markets, but also how their communications have been received by their target group. Furthermore, the close collaboration with the Meltwater account manager helps Airport City Stockholm to get the most out of the tool.


Competitive intelligence

Meltwater assists Airport City Stockholm with competitive intelligence in both editorial and social media.


Meltwater's reports allow Airport City Stockholm to easily see what the return on investment from various objectives, marketing, PR, and general communications.

Dedicated contact person

Meltwater's account manager makes sure that Airport City Stockholm gets the assistance they need to succeed.