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Air France

Air France is one of the world's preeminent airlines and has been flying to and from Chile for more than 80 years. Chile's weather, topography, and culture often create operational challenges that require informed crisis management. Air France Chile relies on Meltwater's media communications platform to help achieve this.

Meltwater Enables Air France Chile to

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Monitor traditional and social channels to ensure accurate, up-to-date information

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Measure and report on major crises and work to mitigate any negative impacts

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Identify and target influential sources writing about aviation and air travel


Communicating Effectively During Times of Crisis 

Chileans inhabit a narrow stretch of land more than 2,500 miles long, squeezed by the Pacific Ocean and Andes mountains at each side. Flying to and from Chile includes many operational challenges. The country's location along the Pacific's Ring of Fire makes it susceptible to weather extremes and even occasional earthquakes. Service disruptions are infrequent but do happen. 

Managing communications effectively during a service disruption can make or break an airline's fortunes. Before engaging Meltwater, Air France Chile lacked several important communication tools. They weren't properly equipped to fully monitor what was being reported about them or to measure the impact of major news on their reputation. Identifying and reaching out to local media and industry influencers to provide context and additional details was extremely difficult. A four-day pilots' strike in 2016 showed the communications team the downside of not being equipped with sufficient communication tools and being forced to do everything manually. 

"We needed the ability to keep our travel agencies, sales channel, and customers fully informed when we have news about a crisis or an extraordinary situation," says Air France Chile's Marcela González. 

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Marcela González, Marketing and Communications Manager, Air France Chile

"At the end of the day, it's our responsibility that flight communications work on behalf of our customers, and Meltwater is the key to this."

Marcela González, Marketing and Communications Manager, Air France Chile


Powerful Media Tools and Analysis in One Platform  

Meltwater's all-in-one media communications platform integrates traditional and social media tools in a single platform, enabling Air France Chile to plug into the latest news and conversations concerning their airline. Comprehensive media monitoring, coupled with sentiment analysis, allows them to measure how a major event is perceived by the public and work to mitigate any negative impacts on the airline and its partners. The platform's influencer database further allows the communications team to identify and target important journalists specializing in aviation and air travel and work through them to present a more complete picture to the public. These journalists may then become important go-to media resources in the future.

Taking stock of a situation and effectively planning a course of action requires a comprehensive view of all media. Marcela González says, "We monitor traditional and social media channels constantly to ensure that our work in marketing and communications benefits everyone. Accurate, up-to-date information is key to limiting the negative impact an event has on our customers."

Marcela González, Marketing and Communications Manager, Air France Chile

"Monitoring is both a thermometer and a guide. It alerts us to customer sentiment, guides our actions, and introduces us to valuable new media resources."

Marcela González, Marketing and Communications Manager, Air France Chile


Meltwater Helps Air France Chile  

Manage crises by monitoring efficiently through all channels 

"Situations become more complicated when flights are canceled close to the scheduled flight time. This forces us to move faster and become more focused on every detail. Meltwater's traditional and social media monitoring is invaluable for us to manage these situations effectively." 

Go beyond media mentions to understand audiences and industry trends 

"Meltwater reports help us take stock in the face of extraordinary situations. Now we track our mentions in the news, and go much deeper by measuring the sentiment, reach, and advertising weight of this coverage. Meltwater helps us rank ourselves against competitors and learn how the media and the public perceive our brand." 

Target key influencers to become important go-to resources in the future 

"Every airline faces multiple issues requiring different communication capabilities. A pilots' strike is different from a weather delay or an accident. This means identifying qualified media outlets and journalists and working with them to deliver clear and truthful information. With Meltwater, we can do this."

— Marcela González, Marketing and Communications Director, Air France Chile 

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