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AGS Transact Technologies

AGS Transact Technologies is one of India's leading providers of end-to-end cash and digital payment solutions and automation technology. The company provides customized products and services comprising ATM outsourcing and cash management, as well as online payment systems including payment provider for merchants, transaction processing services and mobile wallets. Founded in 2002, today AGS Transact Technologies is operating in 2,200 cities having reached over 235,000 consumer touch points across India and South East Asia.

Meltwater Helps AGS to:

Access Alerts in Real-Time

Gain a Better Understanding of Brand Perception

Better Response Time to Feedback and Complaints


Manual Tracking Taking Time and Effort

Experiencing rapid growth and pioneering change in the financial technology space, AGS had several critical areas of conversations to keep up with on social and in editorial press. The Marketing team could not stay updated with manually tracking their mentions - it was just too time-consuming - they tried other solutions but didn't get the results they were looking for.

"With Meltwater, we are able to track when we're mentioned in the news or on social media and understand what it means for us, gain real-time customer feeback and implement it swiftly, and obtain a better understanding of the brand image online. The Meltwater solution has helped us overcome all of our previous challenges - I would definitely recommend it."

Sunil Khosla, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, AGS Transact Technologies


Finally, Everything We Need in Real-Time

For months, AGS had been actively looking for a solution to meet their needs. Today, the fintech powerhouse is one of Meltwater India's oldest and most valued clients. To AGS, the most important aspect in a media intelligence partner is that they can receive alerts in real-time, as it happens.


Meltwater Helps AGS Transact Technologies To

1. Access Alerts in Real-Time

"Our favorite feature is the real-time alerts. It significantly reduces the time and energy put into manual tracking. "

2. Gain a Better Understanding of Brand Perception

"With Meltwater, we are able to understand what the perception is of our brand online across the world and what the perception of specific campaigns and messages are."

3. Better Response Time to Feedback and Complaints

"It has been a great advantage to be able to receive and respond to comments immediately. Finally, we can highlight good feedback from customers, and manage complaints before a crisis occurs. Meltwater's media monitoring tool has enabled us to have a better response time which has ultimately made us more efficient."