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Meltwater Customer Story: African Bush Camps

African Bush Camps

With a focus on offering a world-class and seamless safari experience across its camps in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia, African Bush Camps seek to provide guests with an authentic experience of the African wilderness. Operating with an environmentally friendly footprint, and a desire to empower local communities through its Foundation, African Bush Camps not only invests in the conservation of wildlife but also in its people.

Meltwater Enables African Bush Camps to

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Expand their international media coverage

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Build relationships with relevant journalists

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Leverage Google Analytics data and insights

Using PR to Put us on the Map

As a business operating within the Tourism and Travel Industry, African Bush Camps not only saw the need to monitor media mentions for each of its 15 camps across 3 different countries, but they also needed a strong PR structure to help supervise the deliverables that needed to be met.

Sonja Bezuidenhout, Public Relations Specialist

"What the business needed was a backup in terms of monitoring work coming in and also a helping hand when it comes to managing our teams. I needed a system that supported my PR efforts and gave me the confidence to supervise our deliverables and KPIs."

Sonja Bezuidenhout, Public Relations Specialist

Meltwater's Media Intelligence Solution

Thanks to Meltwater's Media Intelligence Solution, African Bush Camps now remains a step ahead when it comes to tracking local and global media mentions.

As an international company working with international agencies, an international resource was needed that had the ability to reach journalists across varies cities, no matter how big or small.

"Meltwater has been a massive help, especially with reports. I take screen grabs from the dashboard and the Marketing team finds it very useful too. I can pull these reports in 10 minutes instead of 4 to 6 hours."

Sonja Bezuidenhout, Public Relations Specialist

Meltwater Enables African Bush Camps to

1. Expand on International Media

"With Meltwater, I am a step ahead in terms of seeing our media mentions and picking up on conversations globally. It's great to be able to say "Have you seen this in the news?" or "Did you pick up on this in social media?", and having this all-seeing eye in international media."

2. Build Relationships with Journalists

"My favourite Meltwater feature is the Influencer Contact Management Tool. It's great, especially in terms of international journalists. When we discuss coverage with our PR agencies abroad, I am up-to-date with their developments. It's also been beneficial to see when a journalist was last active and the articles they've been publishing."

3. Provide Google Analytics Data

"The Google Analytics feature has allowed me to better explain the importance of PR to others in the company by showing the value it brings across multiple channels.”