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Acciona's origins can be traced back to 1931and the construction of Spanish railroads. Today, the company is active in more than 40 countries and is a major force in renewable energy, infrastructure, and water. Active in Brazil for 20 years, the company relies on Meltwater for reputation management.

Meltwater Enables Acciona Brazil to

Keep track of story developments over time through retroactive media monitoring

Proactively keep the executive team informed, easily producing a daily newsletter

Surpass expectations by closely partnering with the communications team


Researching and Sharing Campaign and Industry News 

Their name in English means 'to set in motion,' a fitting name for a company whose infrastructure and renewable energy projects are typically massive ventures with many moving parts. Efficiency is in high demand, and the communications team is no exception. They wanted a media tool that would allow them to quickly search and locate articles on past campaigns and industry news, but were handcuffed by the clipping service they were using. Its functionality was limited, and because the PR team managed the service, acquiring information meant lodging requests and imposing on others. 

Communications Coordinator Stefania Souza says, "The searches that interest us most are historic mentions of topics that suddenly have renewed value. A project we did five years ago can be very relevant to a project we're engaged in now. Oftentimes we learn something new from this earlier reporting."

In addition to searching retroactively, the communications team was also interested in monitoring current events within the various industry segments in which they operate. Following their media mentions was important. Sharing the information they uncover with senior management was also a priority, and of course time was of the essence. 

"We wanted to 'democratize' our information and disseminate it in a simple way so our entire operation could be more agile."

Stefania Souza, Communications Coordinator, Acciona


A Timely Product with Powerful Capabilities 

Today Acciona Brazil is using Meltwater's media monitoring and other platform features to stay on top of current and historical developments. In addition to tracking news articles and other mentions of their projects within their various sectors—sanitation and concessions are currently two hot topics— they also monitor new bids and launches and recent news on competitors. Not only do they know what is being said about their company daily, they can also follow Acciona's progress and mentions elsewhere in Latin America. 

They're joined in this by their colleagues in the press office. No longer is one department dependent on the other. Instead, each department has access to the platform, and together they produce a daily newsletter that they share with key professionals and senior executives throughout the company. This includes the various teams collaborating in multiple countries. 

What they like most about Meltwater is the ability to perform retroactive searches— as far back as five years— along with the newsletter and the personalized service. Stefania Souza says, "We recommend Meltwater not only for the powerful platform features, which are very easy to use, but also for the support of the entire Meltwater team. This partnership is very important to us." 

"We schedule the newsletter to hit our executives' inbox at 8 a.m. so they can start every day informed of important topics and all be on the same page."

Stefania Souza, Communications Coordinator, Acciona


Meltwater Helps Acciona Brazil 

Closely monitor local and regional developments impacting the business 

"We monitor many areas of interest to know what is happening in Brazil, including new projects, new bids, and new legislation. One of Meltwater's differentiators is its ability to monitor all of Latin America, because although we are based in Brazil, we also have offices in Chile, Mexico, Peru, and elsewhere."

Distribute a daily newsletter that helps executives formulate strategy 

"The newsletter allows us to share the information we gather with the people who need it most. We send it to key professionals first thing in the morning. Not only do we handle the content and distribution, but if a new manager is hired, I can ensure they're receiving the newsletter the very next day." 

Become more agile by demonstrating how to get more from the product 

"Meltwater's service team is critical to our success. After implementing the tool, they ensured the information was available to everyone, they were always close by when we needed them, and they showed us how to be more agile in following what is happening in the industries and topics that interest us most."

— Stefania Souza, Communications Coordinator