Unified Social Listening & Media Monitoring for Agencies

Meltwater arms agencies with the tools and intelligence they need to win & grow clients while keeping costs low & empowering teams to deliver great results.

Control Costs and Grow Revenues

With social listening, social media management and news monitoring in the same platform, you’ll save time and money. Our flexible pricing structure is designed for agencies, so you won’t be hit with spiraling costs every time you add a new client. Enjoy unlimited ad-hoc searches and no volume restrictions across more than 20 different channels.

Spend Less Time Reporting, and More Time Building Your Agency

News & Social in One Platform

With social mentions and media coverage all in the same platform, reporting is streamlined. Build comprehensive, professional looking reports for your clients in minutes rather than hours, freeing your team up to focus on more valuable work.

Automate Routine Reports

Routine reports can be generated automatically as regularly as you need; daily, weekly, or monthly, completely hands-free, and ready to send onto stakeholders.

Create Innovative Services

Meltwater lets you easily create a wide range of ad-hoc reports that can be used to offer new services to your clients and grow revenues, including competitor analysis, influencer identification, social media audits, and social management.

Win More Clients

Imagine walking into every new business pitch armed with deep insight into everything that’s important to the client. With Meltwater, that’s not only possible, it’s easy.

Our platform includes a huge historical archive of all social media data, providing a goldmine of insight into almost any brand, market, or other topic you want to research.

The next time you pitch to a new client, you’ll be able to show them how consumers really feel about their brand, what their strengths and weaknesses are, how people compare them to competitors, the conversations taking place around their industry, and the opportunities they could be missing.

Deeper Insight, Better Campaigns

Stop using guesswork to plan your campaigns, and use real data to understand consumer attitudes and behaviors instead.

Meltwater lets you dig deep into a huge archive of social data and news content, so you can find discussions on any topic of interests and analyze sentiment, find common threads, spot underlying trends and patterns, identify the most influential voices, and much more.

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Enterprise Grade Social Media Management

When you’re managing a client’s social media presence, you need to be sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Meltwater’s social media management solutions are built for teams. Brands can easily publish, moderate, and engage on their owned social channels at scale. Our platform even enables you to benchmark against your competitors’ social channels.

With sophisticated workflows and role-based dashboards, collaboration between in-house teams and agency partners has never been easier.

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What our Agency Customers say About Meltwater

Sara Snead, Lead Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton

“We landed on Meltwater because we get the most bang for our buck with our license - we can search for as many things as we want, no limit on volume or queries.”

Alejandro De Luna, Social Strategy Manager at Mediacom

“The value Meltwater provides for us is very clear. We need to have a bedrock of insights to justify how to approach content solutions for different audiences and different platforms, and Meltwater helps us to sell in our strategies by giving us a much clearer understanding of how audiences feel about specific brands and issues”

Bob Pearson, President & Chief Innovation Officer at W2O Group

“We look at Meltwater not as just a listening platform but as a company that knows how to look at data, present it in new forms and allow us to innovate on top of it. We need to innovate as fast as we can together.”

Gugs Sarna, Head of LEWIS Pulse UK

“We wanted to demonstrate that consumer conversations about a brand were indistinguishable from its competitors. Meltwater enabled us to prove that point with hard data while presenting it in a visually impactful way, which immediately showcased the issue.”

Juan Isaza, VP of Strategic Planning & Social Media, DDB Latina

“We understand that we are facing a totally new and connected consumer so we need to gather insight in a different way. We need our brands to move at the speed of culture. That’s not possible if you’re not listening and monitoring every minute of their audiences.”

Bryan Wiener, CEO of 360i

“This partnership strengthens 360i’s holistic social offering, enabling us to develop innovative programs for our clients that harness the full power of integrated earned and paid social media”

Meltwater Social Analytics & Media Intelligence for Agencies

  • News Monitoring

  • Social Listening & Analytics

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Social Community Management

  • Professional Services Reporting

  • UGC Campaign Management

  • API and Data Visualization

  • Press Release Syndication

Enjoy unlimited news and social monitoring for all your clients in a single platform. Talk to someone on our Agency team to learn more.