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Press Release

Meltwater Announces Settlement Agreement with Canadian Publishers and CEDROM

Press Release

Jan 26, 2022

Meltwater B.V. (formerly Meltwater Holding B.V.), Meltwater US Holdings Inc., and Meltwater News US Inc. (collectively, “Meltwater”) announced today that it has entered into a confidential agreement (the “Settlement Agreement”) with The Halifax Herald Limited, Transcontinental Inc., Le Devoir Inc. (collectively, the “Publishers”) and CEDROM-SNI Inc. (“CEDROM”) to settle litigation currently pending in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice as Court File No. CV-11-428135 (the “Action”). The Action involved claims that Meltwater infringed the copyright of certain works and sought applicable damages. Meltwater denied all such claims and counterclaimed against the Publishers and CEDROM for damages for the loss of business and business opportunities resulting from certain described conduct, which counterclaim was denied by the Publishers and CEDROM.

The confidential Settlement Agreement fully resolves the Action without any admission of liability or wrongdoing by any party, any court finding, or any payments to settle the Action.