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Social Media Marketing Strategy | Top 11 #SMMW13 Insights

social media marketing strategy takeaways from #SMMW13

Social Media Marketing Strategy takeaways from #SMMW13

Meltwater was a proud sponsor of Social Media Marketing World 2013 last week in San Diego.  This conference brought together a Who’s Who of social media gunslingers for an in-depth discussion of social media marketing strategy, tricks and tips for taming the wild west of social.

The top 11 insights we came away with are listed at left.  Many of the key takeaways to inform your social media marketing strategy circle back to the main point in our social media how-to, The 4 C’s of Social Media Marketing: traditional monologue marketing techniques should be re-calibrated to apply to the new social dialogue marketing model.

In short: be social like a real person, because you are a real person, and so is each member of your target social communities.

Social Media Marketing Strategy by the Pros

It was inevitable that the presenters at a social media marketing conference would use a few clever tricks to dominate the conference chatter.  Hats off go to Dave Kerpen, who managed to garner the most tweets of anyone due to having a champagne lottery for folks tweeting about him, and Mari Smith, who came in second by tweeting her favorite quotes from other notable speakers, which were in turn RT’d by those following the #SMMW13 hashtag.

Guy Kawasaki used a clever little gimmick: taking photos of anyone taking photos of him.  This caused a lot of post-conference buzz once the gallery was published, demonstrating that Guy, unsurprisingly, has a great handle on his target social communities and the sort of reciprocal content that will garner positive social karma.

Another great social media marketing strategy shout-out goes to keynote speaker Sally Hogshead and her fascinating personality test, because assembling an audience of highly connected and inherently self-promotional social media marketing experts and letting them take a groovy personality test for free is a really good way to get people talking about that personality test.

So remember: be fascinating, people.  (And take the comma out and be that, too.)



Leslie Nuccio

Leslie is a social media and content marketer who believes in the power of people, the magic of dialogue marketing, and the idea that a monkey can make almost any advertising more compelling.

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  3. Dan Posner says:

    Great insight! Especially #7 on the infographic. I believe that all to often companies just throw out as much content as possible without regard to their customers and how overloaded they will feel. It is extremely important to make realistic goals, even if they are spaced out and take a little time to achieve. Customers don’t want all the information a company can offer right out of the gate. They want to discover the new and improved features as they go as to keep them excited about the product. It’s is plain and simple, “Set your goals; know theirs.”

  4. Gabriel says:

    Does getting lots and lots of shares/likes/followers on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Stumbleupon help in social media marketing?

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