Insert rich content elements into your Facebook tab with one-click

Drop in Rich Content

The Meltwater Buzz Connect module’s smart content elements help you fit the right content into each region of the template. Clickable image Flickr gallery Twitter (status, search, list) YouTube Surveys and polls Contact forms Coupons Custom HTML Upgrade Your Facebook Marketing with Advanced Features Leverage these advanced capabilities of the Meltwater Buzz Connect module to…

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Understand the Impact of Your PR Campaigns

Measure PR Campaign ROI

Objective PR measurement is critical to communicating the value of PR and corporate communications efforts beyond the agency or department. Calculate Hits and Impressions – Determine how many times your story was mentioned and how many people were exposed to your message overall using volume and impression graphs Compare Reach – Contrast how many impressions your campaign generated versus…

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Centralize all inbound social communications

Social Media Inbox

MBuzz Social Media InboxReview and respond to all your inbound social communications quickly and efficiently. The Meltwater Buzz Engage social media inbox collects all communications directed at your Twitter and Facebook accounts into a single social conversation stream. Centralize all inbound social communications Receive live alerts for new social communications Respond to communications directly or share them with…

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Identify Relevant Journalists, Faster

Media Contact Database

MNews Media ContactsFind the right media targets for your PR campaigns using the Meltwater News media contact database of more than 350,000 journalists and bloggers. The Meltwater News media contact database lets you filter journalists by beat, geography, and publication to create unlimited media contact lists for public relations outreach and press release distribution. Target the right…

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Keep Stakeholders Informed

News Distribution

MNews DashboardBroadcast important articles and announcements using Meltwater News PR software news distribution tools. The Meltwater News support team can build you a branded email newsletter or an RSS newsfeed for your company’s website or intranet. Keep stakeholders up to date with newsletters made to your branding guidelines and customized to different recipient groups. Whether issuing…

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Share Articles on Facebook, Twitter and Email

Social Sharing of Media Monitoring Results

Share any news article or social media post in your media monitoring results on Facebook, Twitter, or email. Every article comes with one-click buttons that make it easy to share the link on your favorite social network. Facebook and Twitter –  Keep online communities up to date with recent news articles or quickly re-post positive social…

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Insights Delivered to Your Inbox

Regular Email Alerts

MNews Email ReportTake a proactive approach to online media monitoring with Meltwater News email alerts. Get recent articles and social media posts that are full of insight and opportunity delivered to your inbox. Customize delivery time, frequency, and email format according to your personal preferences. Get email alerts on any target topic (search agent) Receive alerts once…

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Find the News that Drives Your Business

Topical Search Agents

Spend less time culling through irrelevant articles and social media messages to find the breaking news that drives your business. Meltwater News online media monitoring sifts through millions of articles daily to find the ones that are most relevant to you using automated, keyword-driven search agents. Topical Keyword Search – Pinpoint the precise articles and social…

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Attract and Engage Facebook Fans

Facebook Marketing Campaigns

MBuzz Connect Build TabDeploy targeted Facebook marketing campaigns with rich Facebook microsites using Facebook tabs that reinforce your brand and support your online marketing programs. Create a more visual and engaging Facebook experience for your fans. Organize your Facebook content to highlight your most important messages and campaigns. Tailor tab content for specific target audiences, such as product,…

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