Social Media Monitoring

“It’s not a matter of counting the mentions we find, but the mentions that count.”

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Why is social media monitoring so important?

Social media monitoring allows you to truly understand what goes on in the minds of your audience. It gives you insights that would otherwise be difficult to know. It lets you recognise the needs and desires of your customers and prospects, sometimes before they may have even considered them.

Our audience leave digital breadcrumbs everywhere they go, and companies who follow the breadcrumb tracks are likely to hit the jackpot. Due to the huge amounts of information and conversations taking place online, it can be incredibly difficult for us to keep up to date with what’s being said. It is therefore a misconception that social media monitoring becomes important only if you are already present on social channels and have a significant following.


Search social media content on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and 30 million blogs.


Analyse metrics topics, trends and competitors, evaluate campaigns, and keep track of KPIs using interactive dashboards.


Integrate your social media newsfeed, and prepare and share content directly.

Meltwater Social Media Monitoring

The perfect social media monitoring tool can help you build long-term relationships with your customers, as it allows you to trace past interactions between your audience and business in order to understand the current relationship. For example, using the integrated customer relationship management (CRM) feature you can find out where the (potential) customer is within the customer purchase cycle. Is he considering your company? Is he loyal to your company? Is he an advocate of your company? Has he changed his mind about you? Insights like this are crucial to understand for all lead-generating and sales-oriented organisations.

The social media solution from Meltwater offers you all the tools you need for your social media management, from engagement to reporting. We help you manage and analyse your profiles and posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook.


More than 24,000 customers worldwide trust Meltwater. With offices in 27 countries, we offer clients an international service based on personal and local expertise. Within South Africa, we are represented with offices based in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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