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How to Boost Your Brand with Social Media Stories

Crayg Hitzeroth

Managing Director

Ad Dynamo

Let's talk Social Media "Stories" - you know, those temporary pieces of content that you see shared absolutely everywhere. But those are just for millennials, not brands, right?


In a world of information overload, attention spans are shrinking to sub-goldfish levels (we're talking 8 seconds here), and to stay relevant in the war for recognition, you need to be investing in what wins eyeballs - enter ephemeral content.

What started off as a somewhat obscure medium of personal broadcast is now returning levels of engagement that dwarf anything marketers have seen before. Of course, any business looking to boost their brand equity with social media stories needs to understand which content works, and which doesn't.

So, in our endeavour to bring you the most topical and comprehensive free resources, we partnered with Snapchat's official African partner, Ad Dynamo, and their Managing Director, Crayg Hitzeroth, and laid out the checklist for effective ephemeral content marketing.

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