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Meltwater Biz Breakfast | Top Tech Trends

Lee Naik

CEO, TransUnion Africa
2018 was a big year for innovation in tech, and its trajectory is expected to continue well into 2019.

For marketers and PR professionals, this presents many opportunities, but also an array of possible pitfalls. If you capitalise on being an early adopter of a bourgeoning trend your company could land significant returns, but back the wrong horse and your budget will see the same fate as Google Glass.

Lucky for you however, we kicked off the year by partnering with one of South Africa’s foremost authorities on technology and digital disruption, TransUnion Africa’s CEO and LinkedIn top voice, Lee Naik. We took a deep dive into what technological developments you can expect to dominate the future.

Access the recording of the event here, and arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to future-proof your marketing strategy.

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