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Do you need to distribute a press release, or would you like to target a journalist within a specific topic area?

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380,000 journalists & bloggers

With the help of Meltwaters’s Influencer Contact Database, you can search over 380,000 journalists and bloggers globally to ensure you find influencers best fit for your PR campaign.

Filter journalists by content, department, location and publication, and create a comprehensive list of media contacts for your public relations activities.

In addition to this, we also send your press releases and analyse the ROI of your efforts. So talk with the right journalists with the help of our PR Software today.


380,000 media contacts
26,000 journalist contacts from UK and Ireland
Contact database updated daily
Find influencers in 25 countries


Import new contacts
Create individual distribution lists
Analyse distribution return on investment
Import and export contacts


Drill down deeper and research influencers by name, medium, town, region
Understand trending themes
Use a keyword dearch

Create your own individual press distribution list

The media contact database from Meltwater allows accurate filtering to help you identify the right journalists for your PR campaign.

Journalists are subdivided into more than 1,200 departments and sub-stations, so we’re certain that you will find relevant topics for your individual pitches or press releases.

  • Media title: Online, print, radio, TV, magazine, etc.
  • Occurrence: Daily, weekly, monthly
  • Department: Economy, Sports, Politics, IT, …
  • Location: Regional, national, international

Your benefits at a glance

Organise your media contacts into an unlimited number of lists for more effective distribution of press releases. Create new lists of journalists from our media contact database, and import your existing contacts. Then simply export your complete media list and send your press releases directly using a customised email template.

PR-Software by Meltwater

The PR software from Meltwater uses computer-linguistic to analyse articles written by journalists, and in real time. This means that you can find the journalists who are best suited to your content based on their previous articles, so you don’t have to rely on their assigned beats.

  • Easily find contacts and target groups
  • View all information at a glance
  • Fixed price for country packages – unlimited export, import and distribution included
  • Personal consultant and support included in package

We offer

  • Daily updated media contacts
  • UK and Ireland: 26,000 media contacts
  • Worldwide: 380,000 media contacts
  • Data export and email distribution
  • Integration of existing media contacts and details

Integrated e-mail distribution list

Send press releases via an integrated e-mail template, customised and distributed to selected media lists determined by you. The PR software from Meltwater supports you in all steps necessary for your press activities: from formatting the press release, e-mail dispatching to the evaluation and optimisation of communication. Save time with the PR software from Meltwater.


More than 24,000 customers worldwide trust Meltwater. With offices in 27 countries, we offer clients an international service based on personal and local expertise. Within South Africa, we are represented with offices based in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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