Meltwater, ranked among the best marketing solutions of 2019

We are proud to be the first Media & Social Intelligence solution to rank G2 Crowd's best marketing tools, thanks to more than 500 satisfied reviews from our customers.

For the second year in a row, Meltwater has been ranked in the G2 Crowd Top 100 software companies and is ranked 11th in the ranking of best tools for marketers, alongside companies like MailChimp, HubSpot and TweetDeck.

Among the benefits of our solution that our users mention the most, are:
  • The ease of use and reliability of our tools
  • The speed and power of the analysis provided
  • The levels of customer service provided throughout our clients' subscription
A big thank you to our 30,000 customers for their trust! Interested in learning more about Meltwater? Request a demo now to learn about the range of tools we have available to improve your marketing strategy and make your job easier! G2 Crowd Top 100

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Meltwater Tools

Monitor News & Social Media : Ensure you're always in the know about what is being said about your brand, competitors and industry on social media and in the news.

Journalist & Social Influencer Databases : Identify the most relevant journalists and social influencers for your brand and manage your campaigns of influence, from making contact to the measure of the ROI.

Social Media Management : Manage your social accounts, plan your content and analyse your commitment.

Discover the services that make us one of the best marketing tools of 2019.

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