Real-Time Supply Chain Monitoring

Because quickly reacting to external supply chain threats builds competitive advantages.

Efficient Supply Chain Management relies just as much on your ability to quickly react to potential external threats as it does optimising internal processes. By blending internal company data with external data, you reduce blind spots and gain a 360 view of your business.

We help companies across the globe to reduce risks and stay informed about external forces impacting their supply chain. Our clients use Meltwater media intelligence to glean insights that can be used to stay one step ahead, optimise processes and ultimately gain competitive advantages.

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We understand that an unforeseen circumstance can have a major impact on your supply chain. Uncertain political developments, economic turbulence, technological developments or changes in management are only some of the variables that could affect the efficiency of your supply chain. We help more than 26,000 companies to navigate volatile landscapes and anticipate such risks before they become a problem. What's more, it's simple to stay in the know while on the go with Meltwater's app.


Strategic risk management through Supply Chain Monitoring.

When it comes to supply chain management, timing is key. Our solutions allow you to understand external factors that can impact your supply chain before it happens so you can put plans in place to reduce the impact.


Media Monitoring Software from Meltwater helps you to stay on top of more than 300,000 news sources and all relevant social media conversations across the major networks. We will help you to immediately identify important news about your company, vendors and industry, and track competitive dynamics that could impact supply, demand and production.

Instant Alerts

We understand that information overload and data fatigue can be frustrating. That's why we look out for only the most important business critical signals and send you alerts as soon as issues such as strikes, natural disasters, economic developments or shortages of goods occur. Use media intelligence to stay in control of your supply chain when a potential risk appears.

Data signals

We work as an extension of your team to define the signals that are deemed a threat to your supply chain. We then set up monitoring and alerts around your critical focus areas. With Meltwater, you have the option of integrating external media data with your own BI systems such as tools like Taublau, Microsoft BI and more to ensure no stone is left unturned.

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