Meltwater Social Suite

Understand the full social footprint of your brand with an insights-driven Social Media Intelligence Platform.


See where you rank

Media exposure, reach, and tonality factor into your mSCORE, tangible evidence of your media progress.


Compare share of voice

See how you stack up against your competition, with share of voice measured by volume and reach.


Share the high-impact stories

We give you the articles with links and tell you whether they’re trending negative or positive.

Social Listening

Meltwater social search offers a powerful social research platform engineered to help you quickly make sense of mass amounts of social data, surfacing only the important insights that make for better, data-driven decisions.

  • Unlimited ad-hoc searches across Twitter, blogs, forums, news, Reddit, Tumblr, YouTube, and Facebook
  • Segment audiences to better understand what they care about
  • Harness the voice of the customer to inform product development, media buying teams, and crisis communications

Social Influencers

An end-to-end influencer marketing platform to support and optimize your social influencer strategy.

  • Find influencers across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and blogs
  • Manage and scale your influencer programs with a user-friendly CRM system
  • Automatically track, measure, report and quantify your campaign performance

Social Media Management

Engage, publish and monitor news and social media from one platform.

  • Get quick access to actionable insights while simplifying the publishing and engagement tasks for even the most complex social enterprise
  • Publish and schedule content for all channels from one platform
  • Unify and monitor social and news mentions in one location

Social Reports and Services

Analyze social media reports on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis across global social networks. All reports highlight relevant KPI's, such as audience growth, engagement rate, interaction ratios and more — delivered straight to your inbox.

  • Social performance and competitors report
  • Social media insight report
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