Get an overview of your entire social community across key networks from one single platform.

Meltwater's Engagement tool helps companies grow their community, create and schedule compelling content and understand advanced social media analytics to help prove ROI.


Engagement Tool

Our Engagement tool allows you to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+ directly from the same platform. Customise your message for the specific channel and post when your audience is most active.


Respond and Cultivate Trust

Engage customers, prospects, influencers and advocates online. Find opportunities to connect, tag incoming messages and discover relevant brand conversations that you can join.


Actionable Insights

Measure the efficiency of your social media team using metrics that matter. Analyse the effectiveness of your social communications by tracking engagements. Optimise future comms using data driven insights found via in-depth reports.

Social media is more than building your following, you also need to maintain and nurture your community. With Meltwater Engage, you can easily find conversations and influencers from all social media channels and then reply, comment, or interact with engagement. Publishing features enable you to create high-quality content and publish messages at the time your audience is most engaged.

Social media reporting provides you with analysis that is simple to understand. Easily identify opportunities, optimise your social media strategy and present the results to management in a easily digestible visual report.

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