PR Reporting Made Easy

It’s easy to analyse and assess how effective your PR campaigns are with Meltwater PR Insights reporting and analysis. Inform strategy, connect with your audience and remain competitive.


Worlds Largest Source base

Meltwater's comprehensive media monitoring solution offers the worlds largest source base. 300,000 news sources, 30 million blogs, and a continuous stream of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube posts—from 205 countries in 87 languages, ensuring you never miss a mention!


Critical PR Insights

Know where your press comes from – globally, nationally, from which publication and which influencers. Understand whether your key messages are resonating. Discover how your press coverage stacks up against competitors


No More Spreadsheets

We use data-science to automatically pull the data, create the charts, and compile the report so you can say goodbye to manual work! Impress your boss with reports that can be turned around quickly.

Creating captivating reports takes time, patience and a never-ending supply
of spreadsheets and pivot tables. But it doesn’t have to be so painful. Now, with
Meltwater’s PR Insights Reports, select the dates, competitors and searches and
receive a stunning report ready to share with your team and stakeholders.

Create reports in minutes, with no graphic design skills required!

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