Easily Keep Up With the Status of PR Campaign Projects

Finding staying on top of your PR campaigns difficult? We don't blame you. It's rarely a linear road to PR strategy success and navigating this path can be confusing without real visibility into the turns and obstacles you're presented with. Through our new 'Projects' centralised workspace, we make it easy for you to understand the status of an ongoing PR campaign, drive team collaboration, coordinate PR assets, track coverage and view post-campaign analytics, so you can successfully manage and execute on campaigns in one place.


Track the status of PR campaigns

Set milestones to understand project scope and ensure everyone is working towards the same ultimate goal. Use task lists to keep track of what needs to get done and who is responsible for it.


Increase Team Efficiency

Transform the workflow of your PR team and manage everything from pitching, outreach, to analysis in one unified workspace. Having one centralised hub also helps to encourage team collaboration.


Create a record of accomplishments

Create a record of the team’s accomplishments and spotlight hard-earned media coverage so you can effortlessly communicate impact with stakeholders.

Introducing PR Projects

Steamline your PR Campaigns

PR professionals are used to spinning many plates. First of all, part of their responsibility is building relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders, typically, this includes media, analysts, customers, top influencers etc and each stakeholder has their own goals, priorities and workflows. There’s an art to balancing all of this. Due to the many hats that PRs wear, it’s rare an afternoon can be dedicated to one specific task; reactiveness is a key characteristic of the role… and things always come up!

While PR leaders are often well structured and disciplined with juggling parallel initiatives and responsibilities, but with so much happening at any given moment and the importance of timeliness, keeping up with who’s doing what can become overwhelming. What’s more, the bigger the team, the more complexity they deal with. When all of this comes into play, a relatively simple task such as having visibility into the status of a PR campaign can become extremely difficult.

For years spreadsheets have been used by PR teams to manage the planning, implementation and tracking of PR campaigns. But as you’ve most likely experienced yourself, spreadsheets can get messy. Understanding the flow of the project management process and prioritisation isn’t always clear and collaboration is often restricted. Basically, spreadsheets have been used for lack of a better solution.

We understand that PR professionals crave more advanced PR campaign project management solutions. Having taken feedback from the industry on board, we’re excited to lift the lid on our new feature – PR Projects!

Build a More Effective Team with Meltwater’s ‘PR Projects’ feature:

PR teams work tirelessly for earned media. They know that a single pitch or identifying the right journalist may make or break the success of an initiative. PR is fast-paced and stressful. Getting the job done well requires hard work, skill, and the right set of tools.

Through ‘Projects’, we help you spotlight your hard-earned media coverage, while also making it easy for you to understand the status of an ongoing project, effortlessly communicate impact to stakeholders, and create a record of the team’s accomplishments.

Projects is a central workspace for digital assets, media lists and earned media, where teams can coordinate and collaborate. The new feature assists you with modernising how you execute PR campaigns, for example, managing tactical tasks and assignments, organising earned coverage, reporting on the end results etc. Projects enables you to transform the workflow of your PR team and manage everything from pitching, outreach, to analysis in one unified workspace. In addition to this, users can keep track of all of the resources and assets they need and use for each initiative – research material, contacts to pitch, draft pitches, media kits and more.

PR campaign

If you’re finding staying on top of your PR campaigns difficult, Projects can help you from beginning to end with:

  • Defining the scope of a project
  • Keeping track of milestones in a project
  • Delegating tasks more easily
  • Document sharing and access
  • Resource allocation
  • Hitting goals
  • Creating a record of your team’s accomplishments, for example, spotlighting your hard-earned media coverage
  • Effortlessly communicate impact to stakeholders

With Projects, you can define goals and milestones to help you track results in real-time and ensure the effort you’re putting in translate into successful outcomes. Task lists are a super powerful way to make sure everyone on your team is aware of what tasks need to get done and who is responsible for them. Individual tasks are displayed visually and let everyone know where they stand at the click of a button. What’s more, you can leave comments on progress made or roadblocks and tag teammates so everyone is one the same page. Among the general chaos of a busy project, poor organisation can’t be used as an excuse for missing a deadline thanks to Projects.

Think of Projects as your centralised PR campaign management hub. By working off of one single source of truth, you can guarantee that everyone has access to the same information, rather than your team working in silos. This type of visibility and transparency greatly encourage collaboration and efficiencies. At the end of a campaign, it is easy to generate a report based on the Project in the click of a button!

PR campaign

Looking for a solution?

Investing in the right tools

Why Meltwater?

Meltwater continues to invest in delivering a wide breadth of content to more than 30,000 brands worldwide. We're doing this by growing the World’s largest news and social media database. Our industry-leading AI-powered crawlers, and a network of global partnerships with content providers such as Twitter, Reddit and Dow Jones, help us capture more content than anyone else. More content means more reliable analytics that help you find the insights you need. We utilize artificial intelligence to discover content from all corners of the internet, pulling our results from over 1.3 trillion documents. What's more, we add over 500 million new documents every day! While this all sounds very tiring, from a client perspective, it's a smooth ride! We do the work for you.

We understand that the modern user expects simple and elegant consumer applications. That’s why our PR solution prioritizes simplicity and efficiency with a sleek new navigation, intuitive project management workflows and design that has streamlined user experience at the core. Fill out the form to learn how you can transform every stage of your strategy, PR campaign and workflow with our Projects solution today!


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