Media Intelligence for Pharma & Healthcare

Because being the first to know developments surrounding regulations, new patents and your patients' voice is key.

Editorial news and social media conversations are filled with insights about brands, products, regulations, side effects, patents, patient advice and new entries in the market. Healthcare companies who listen to such conversations make more strategic decisions.

We help global companies in the Pharma and Healthcare industry with efficient Issue Management, by always staying informed about business critical signals in the media.

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Work strategically with Issue Management

Patient support programmes are an essential part of any healthcare brand strategy. By staying on top of Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs), pharmaceutical companies have the ability to understand patient behaviour, understand new opportunities for R&D, and increase patient engagement by adopting their feedback. Healthcare companies across the globe use Meltwater to gain insights that enable them to identify new opportunities, improve their products, optimise their go-to-market strategies and differentiate from the competition.


Clinical researches. Investments. Patents. Regulatory approvals. Patient engagement.

Data-driven Insights for Pharma & Healthcare


Meltwater's Media Intelligence Software helps you to stay on top of more than 300,000 news sources and all relevant social media conversations across major networks globally. We help our healthcare clients to work strategically by anticipating patient demands and make sense of feedback through real-time social listening. What's more, our mobile app makes sure you stay in the know while on the go.

Instant Alerts

We understand that information overload and data fatigue can be frustrating. That's why we only look out for the most important business signals and send you alerts as soon as critical brand conversations or customer feedback about products, side effects or diseases occur. Our tool uses AI to serve advanced data analytics that helps companies use to make data-driven decisions.

Data signals

We work as an extension of your team to define the signals that are deemed important to your company and industry. We then set up monitoring and alerts around your critical focus areas. With Meltwater, you have the option of integrating external media data with your own Business Intelligence systems such as tools like Taublau and Microsoft BI to reduce blind spots and ensure no stone is left unturned.

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