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Meltwater Webinar: 9 Trends Shaping Modern PR

John Harrington
Deputy Editor

30 August, 2019
11:00-12:00 BST



In the words of Richard Branson, “a good PR story is better than a front-page ad” but even good PR stories mean nothing if they don’t reach the right audience.

In the digital age, we have to be cognisant of how we capitalise on technology, reach our consumers where they are and remain relevant in a time where brands are so easily forgotten or destroyed.

This means learning from past experiences, protecting brand reputation, knowing our consumers, and identifying and staying ahead of the trends within our industry.

Looking Ahead

Join us for our next webinar on the 30th of August, where the Deputy Editor of PR Week, John Harrington, will take us through the 9 trends shaping modern PR  - and how to navigate this often tumultuous but highly rewarding landscape.

RSVP to “save your seat” here, and get equipped to future-proof your PR strategy, as we explore everything from the rise of purpose, to the increase in PR consolidation and the diversity deficit in our industry.

About the Speaker

John Harrington is an award-winning journalist with extensive experience in B2B publishing, combining a strong editorial background with a proven track record in producing successful commercial content.

He was also named Best Digital Journalist/Blogger at the 2019 PRCA Digital Awards and hosted a Meltwater webinar on how to write the perfect press release and avoid the 7 deadly sins of marketing.

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