Meltwater Social Influencer Platform

An end-to-end influencer marketing platform to support and optimize your social influencer strategy.


See where you rank

Media exposure, reach, and tonality factor into your mSCORE, tangible evidence of your media progress.


Compare share of voice

See how you stack up against your competition, with share of voice measured by volume and reach.


Share the high-impact stories

We give you the articles with links and tell you whether they’re trending negative or positive.

Find Influencers

With millions of profiles, tens of thousands of categories, and a years worth of historical data, Meltwater’s influencer search platform is one of the most powerful and sophisticated available. Easily find influencers in any category and global location across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and blogs.

Manage Relations at Scale

Our platform allows you to build, manage and scale your influencer programs with a user friendly CRM system that was designed just for influencer marketing.

Measure Influencer Programs

Quantify your campaign performance through beautiful reports that prove your success. Automatically track your influencers’ mentions in real time, measure aggregated mentions, engagements, true reach, and return on investment.

Audience Demographics

Proprietary demographic data enables you to understand whether a specific user’s audience fits your target demographic. See all data broken down by social network to make data driven decisions.

Content History

Make sure your influencer’s story, content quality and values are right for your brand, all while keeping track of any other brands they mention. Sort by engagement to understand what resonated most with their audience.


For every influencer, find a list of their followers, interactions, or conversations. Filter these lists by influence level, influence in a specific category, location, gender and more. It’s a great way to find like-minded influencers.