Master Data Management

Visualize what matters.

When it comes to reporting on KPIs and metrics, every organization has different preferences. But one thing they have in common is the need for all business functions to have access to one centralized visual hub that interprets big data in real-time. Meltwater Display is a Master Data Management solution used by countless global brands to align on key business drivers, streamline their reporting, and gain unprecedented cross-department insights.

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Real-time Media Intelligence

Meltwater Display, our Master Data Management solution, integrates content and data from Meltwater, Sysomos, Salesforce, Zendesk, and a variety of web analytics sources to provide a complete 360° view of your brand and business. Our Master Data Management solution creates flexible and dynamic visualizations that tell real-time stories of the metrics and KPIs that matter most to your business while adding context and insight. Meltwater Display makes media intelligence insights accessible across the business, so all teams can benefit.

Transform your news and social content into a tool for business success.

A real-time, integrated view of your content and metrics from third-party channels, right alongside your Meltwater data.

Real-time Performance

Present complex information in accessible formats through cohesive and interactive dashboards. With Meltwater's Master Data Management solution, you can create unlimited screens, customised by interest, in just a few clicks. Visualisations change automatically in response to shifts in data. That way, you can quickly access critical insights and signals for dynamic situational awareness, in-meeting answers, and smarter decision making.

Unify Data Sources

Meltwater Display gathers data spread across your own applications, third-party business systems and online news, social media conversations, job postings, financial filings, patent filings, product reviews and more. Data is brought together to visually tell the full story of your brand, competitive position, customer experience and more. The solution is customizable and can be configured for a variety of use cases across business functions.

Business Critical Insights

Meltwater Display puts an end to working in silos. Insights found via media monitoring can inform core business decisions, beyond PR and brand management. For example, companies are using online news and social media data to create competitive advantages through supply chain risk mitigation, optimising processes, improving customer experience, spotting trends, and more.

All your data in one dashboard

Combine internal and external data sources to understand both your position and competition.

Who uses our Master Data Management solution?

Meltwater Display is commonly used by C-Level executives interested in enhancing the richness of reporting and receiving business-critical signals so they can quickly make smarter decisions across the board.

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