Real-time Analysis. Contextual Insight.

Meltwater Command Center

A powerful solution for real-time assessment of news and social content.

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Real-time Media Intelligence

Meltwater Command Center integrates content and data from a variety of data sources to provide a complete 360° view. It creates visualizations of the metrics and key performance indicators that matter most to your business, along with relevant context and insight.

Transform your news and social content into a tool for business success

A real-time, integrated view of your content and metrics from 3rd party channels, right alongside your Meltwater data

Real-time Performance

Elegant screens bring quick and easy access to the insights most important to your business.

No more blind spots

Updates in real-time to provide accurate metrics, ensuring that you always know where you stand with regard to your key performance indicators.

Custom Reporting

Visualizes the metrics and key performance indicators that matter most to your business

All your data in one dashboard

Combine internal and external data sources to understand both your position and competition.

Who uses our Command Center

A PR director at a top tier agency uses Meltwaters Favorites feature to monitor the results of campaigns, track trending news around specific topics, set client expectations backed by predictive analysis, and compile custom reports.

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