How Does the Meltwater Media Monitoring Tool Work? 

By using Meltwater’s media intelligence platform, brands gain global media coverage of more than 300,000 online news sources. As well as this, there is the opportunity to connect and capitalise with consumers through social media monitoring for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit and blogs. So, how exactly does the Meltwater media monitoring tool and what are your benefits at a glance?

  1. Understand your sector and competitors: Using your custom built Boolean search, identify and analyse key developments in your industry and any competitive movements.
  2. Stay ahead with relevant news: With our daily alerts system, get news and updates from across social media sent directly to your mobile app so you can even monitor coverage on the go!
  3. Improve your customer service: Use our sentiment tracker to increase your response time to positive and negative reviews.
  4. Measure your campaigns: Set up a specific search for your upcoming campaign and use our Explore tool to measure the social media reaction.
  5. Identify new markets: Media monitoring allows you to strategically spot new emerging trends through the use of the right keywords, buzzwords and related products/services. The dashboard will then display the top posters, key themes,  top entities and those most influential in the conversations.