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Because data shouldn’t exist in a vacuum.

Blend data from your own applications or third-party business systems with online news articles and social conversations to uncover insights that benefit all sides of your company. Through the integration of data, you can yield a representative picture of your business and its eco-system. Smart AI crawling enables us to track millions of media data sets, every hour, every day, including online news, social media, job postings, financial filings, patent filings, product reviews and more. Meltwater is the number one media data provider and partner for over 30,000 companies, helping them to gain a 360-view of their business.

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Your media data provider and parter

With the largest global news source base and as a full enterprise partner of Twitter, we enable analysis to be built on top of the most complete data set possible. We surface the insights through our Streaming and Export APIs, to enable you to integrate it with your internal systems. We further enable you to build custom dashboards and reports in BI tools such as Tableau and Microsoft PowerBI.


Meltwater API gives you out of the box, real time integration with internal and third-party reporting and business enablement platforms. As your media data provider, we offer the flexibility to export media data via real-time API’s and integrate this straight into your business applications. That way, you can have all the insights needed to run a successful and competitive enterprise in one interface.

Our API makes it simple for you to:

Build Customized Solutions

Sometimes off-the-shelf products just do not offer the malleability that your business requires. With Meltwater API, you have ultimate control over how, where, and when you receive media analytics. Whether you want to see raw volume or specifics, the choice is yours. Just loop us in and get access to the largest source base of online news and social media content in the industry, associated metadata and historical archives.

Connect the dots between data types

Lack of visibility can break a company. Ensure you're fully aware of your surroundings - both internal and external of your company - by connecting the dots between data types through Meltwater API. Beyond brand management, online news and social media data can be used to create competitive advantages through supply chain risk mitigation, optimising processes, improving the customer experience, spotting trends, and more.

Visualize all business functions from one centralised platform

We understand that Enterprises need a unified reporting solution that has the ability to show one source of truth – a single and unified view of all business functions. With Meltwater API you can mine data from social media and the web, without building anything yourself. Compare apples with apples and increase business efficiency with Meltwater as your media data partner.

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