Instant Media Alerts
Helping executives see key coverage, advertising spend, hiring trends and social alerts before their competitors.
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Opportunity & Threat Alerts
Scan millions of digital data sources
Machine Learning
Instantly understand momentum, context and impact behind alerts
On the Go
Alerts pushed to email, text, mobile and Slack.

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Reporting and Analysis with Meltwater
Executive alerts is for content that must be seen urgently. Automated daily digests offer a recap of the day’s most critical alerts, organised by the topics that matter most.
  • For your need-to-know users who live with their smartphones but don’t like or use mobile apps. Send them a customised text message for those critical alerts
  • Know immediately if key influencers publish relevant content
  • Understand your competitor's digital strategy

About Meltwater

Why a media monitoring solution from Meltwater?
Meltwater helps companies make better, more informed decisions based on insights from the outside. More than 26,000 companies use Meltwater’s media monitoring tool to stay on top of billions of online conversations, extract relevant insights and use them to strategically manage their brand and stay ahead of their competition. With over 50 offices in six continents, Meltwater is dedicated to personal, global service built on local expertise.
News and 30 million social media sources worldwide in 205 countries and 87 languages.
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