This Week’s Questions

Theme: #FakeNews

Q1. Fake news is____

Q2. Why do you think that we have seen a rise in fake news stories?

Q3. How can fake news be prevented?

Q4. How can we tell if a fake news story is being circulated about our brand?

Q5. How can communication professionals lessen the negative brand impact of fake news?

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  • Umm.. Because it’s fun!


What is #MarketingMinds?

#MarketingMinds is a weekly live streaming Twitter Chat hosted by Meltwater, global leaders in social media monitoring. We’ll be diving into a different topic each week, unearthing industry insights and sharing each other’s knowledge on all things marketing orientated.

How Many Questions Are There?

5 questions in total will be asked in the chat each week labelled Q1, Q2,..

How Do I Answer The Questions?

Label your answers A1, A2,.. so we know what question you’re responding to, followed by #marketingminds.

How Can We Join in #marketingminds Chat?

You can follow the #marketingminds conversation live on twitter by searching the hashtag, by keeping an eye on our Twitter handle @meltwater or joining the TweetChat room