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How to Be Better on Social in 4 Steps

Mike Blake-Crawford
Head of Strategy
Social Chain

Friday 16th August
Old Street Records, London
09:00 - 11:00 am

In 2019, organic reach on social media is lower than ever - and what makes things worse, is that there's never been more competition for your customer's attention.

If you're looking to drive real conversions from your marketing, then the days of "business as usual" social strategy are over - so stop making content for content's sake and create work that people will remember you for.

To show you everything you need to get going, join our next #SocialSession in London, where Social Chain's Strategy Director Mike Blake-Crawford will lay out the new rules of social media marketing and how you can continue to drive success in 2019.

So RSVP now and join us at Old Street Records on Friday the 16th of August to Make Social Great Again.

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