How does the journalist database work?

For many in marketing and communications, the idea of gathering and contacting journalists for PR purposes can be a time consuming task, one we’d rather skip. But using the Meltwater journalist database, the PR process is made quick, easy and effortless.

  1. Start by clicking the ‘influencers’ tab which will take you to the database.
  2. Then, in the search bar you can browse for ‘all contacts writing about’ a similar topic or ‘all sources writing about’, which finds publications as a whole.
  3. You can then start gathering the journalists you are interested in and place them into one list.
  4. To then distribute your email, you can choose to send it to the entire list or tailor this to each journalist/publication. Once you are happy with the headline and content, hit send!
  5. You can then monitor the progress of your PR pitch using the outreach tab, where you can see your open rate, click-through rate and the unsubscribe rate.

These separate tools come together to make a seamless public relations tool for your marketing and communications team.

The journalist database can be used in conjunction with our most recent product launch, the Digital Marketing Insights report, which will provide brands with both actionable data and key insights into competitor strategy for earned, owned and paid media. Brands will have a packaged report that gives them information of the top ranking keywords and other competitive intelligence that can help steer public relations.