Using KPIs to Measure the Value of Your Marketing Programs

Picture a world where everyone on your marketing team has the information they need to be successful. Each team member uses KPIs to set ambitious but achievable goals—and everyone knows exactly where their programs stand. This world is no longer a fantasy—it’s as real as the screen in front of you. Take a journey with us to unlock the gates and let the data come streaming through.

The Higher Education Industry Report E-Books

OnDemand Webinar: Justify Your Existence – Modern Marketing in the Boardroom Webinars

On-Demand Webinar: Use Social Listening to Increase & Measure Social Media Engagement Webinars

Modern Marketing in the Boardroom E-Books

The Keys to the Kingdom: Making Your Marketing Team More Data-Centric E-Books

Industry Reports

These reports aim to provide an in-depth media overview of a particular sector in the UK. Each report is filled with detailed insights drawn after benchmarking each brand against each other, as well as exploring each brand individually. Insights have been pulled using Meltwater's media intelligence platform.

Your Guide to UK Marketing Resources

Agency Guide: Turn your social expertise into a profit engine

Report: Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

The State of Influencer Marketing

Everything You Need to Prove PR ROI

GCC Luxury Industry Report

Luxury Fashion Industry Report

The Charity Industry Report: Summary Sheet

The Charity Industry Report

The Higher Education Industry Report E-Books

Staying Ahead of Competition

In today’s heavily connected ecosystem, the core challenge as an executive stems from the same place that opportunity does: Big Data. Finding your bearings requires both a high-level overview, as well as the ability to zoom in on key issues as they develop.

Your 4 Step Guide to Staying Ahead of Competition E-Books

Media Intelligence for Crisis Communications

Media intelligence will serve you well any day of the week, but during a crisis it is indispensable. So don’t wait for all hell to break loose to get up to speed on the latest media intelligence tools and best practices for handling a crisis in the age of social media. Learn about setting up alerts, practicing smart media monitoring and social listening, and gathering real-time intel when trouble comes.

OnDemand Webinar: The Fake News Epidemic (and how to lessen the negative impact) Webinars

OnDemand Webinar: Crisis Communication in the Digital Marketing Age Webinars

Media Intelligence for Crisis Communications Worksheet

Media Intelligence for Crisis Communications E-Books

Putting Social Data into Action

If you’re a PR professional charged with managing your company’s reputation, it’s not news to you that we’ve lost control of the message. Social technology has fundamentally changed the way that people communicate — and, consequently, our communications programs have had to change along with it. It's time to learn how to develop far-reaching social media strategies and make the most out of social media monitoring, your social media relationships, and word-of-mouth marketing.

Your 4 Step Guide to Staying Ahead of Competition E-Books

The Savvy Social Media Maven’s Guide to Media Intelligence E-Books

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