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Harnessing PR to Drive SEO

Jane Hunt
Marketing Director & Co-Founder
JBH - The Content Agency

On-Demand Webinar

PR is far more than a brand and relationship building tool. It has a quantifiable impact on the entire online business that most professionals are failing to measure.

Websites are a huge source of revenue for many companies and securing quality PR driven backlinks can lead to a boost in organic search and an increase in website traffic. Listen to Meltwater’s on-demand webinar to hear Jane Hunt, Co-founder and Marketing Director at JBH - The Content Agency discuss how to drive SEO through your PR efforts.

You’ll learn:

  • The difference between traditional PR and digital PR
  • How digital PR impacts your search ranking
  • The role of content in digital PR
  • Tips to help you get started with digital PR
  • How you can measure digital PR success

Jane is the founder and marketing director of JBH, an award-winning content agency. With a history of creating unique and compelling content, JBH grew into a digital PR agency delivering campaigns for creative link acquisition - enabling brands to boost their presence in search for keywords through the generation of authoritative links. Jane discusses how you can combine traditional PR activity and content creation with link acquisition techniques to help brands build campaigns that meet both brand awareness and search marketing objectives - generating more ROI for you or your client.

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