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Using Social Media as a PR Tool

David White
Head of PR

On Demand Webinar

About the webinar

We're increasingly consuming our news online. Ofcom’s 2016 report revealed nearly half of adults use the internet for news nowadays. 56% of online news users say the BBC is their number one source, but surprisingly to some, Facebook appears as the second-most popular online news source, at 27%.

People are breaking more news stories on social media than ever, causing journalist’s use of social media to spike in order to keep up. As comms pros, we understand that what others say about our brand defines it, yet in a social sphere plagued with viral and fake news, it’s alarming that so many PR pros are failing to utilise social media for PR purposes.

Social media has disrupted PR. Filtering social into our PR strategy is now a must, rather than nice to do. Hear David White, Head of PR at Branded3 discuss how to integrate social media and PR.

In this 30 minute webinar you will learn:

  • How to use social media to manage brand reputation
  • How to build influential relationships via social media
  • Tips to help you integrate and optimise earned, shared, owned and paid for media
  • Case study examples of companies using social media to reach their PR goals
  • How to measure success & the KPIs to consider

David is the Head of Content Marketing at, leading the PR and outreach strategies for some of the UK’s biggest brands. With a background in business management and marketing, David has a deep understanding of the wider marketing mix and how this contributes to the client’s bottom line. Want to learn more about using social media as a PR tool? Take a look at David's blog here!

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