Global Media Intelligence Solutions Need Local Support

We understand that having a number of suppliers across geographic locations can be challenging. When multiple vendors are involved, it means different methods, different KPIs and different cost structures. This lack of consistency can skew reporting numbers and inflate costs. Meltwater designs individual enterprise-level global media intelligence solutions for companies. We're the sole partner for thousands of businesses, helping them to compare apples with apples, find one single version of truth and reduce costs.


One Version of Truth

By having one centralized global media intelligence solution and vendor, you can trust that your teams are using the same data, KPIs and reporting systems. This aids consistent measurement and reduces siloed working, helping you to benchmark regional teams against each other and against your global and local competitors. One global media intelligence solution also lessens the chance of duplicating work, whilst helping you to truly see where your budget is best spent.


Local Account Management

With offices in 25 different countries and a uniform service offering across the globe, Meltwater is a true global partner. We can provide the consistency needed to effectively benchmark and measure the impact of your communications efforts and teams across countries, languages and continents. With localized support and customized service in each local market, we pride ourselves on getting to know your team so we can better support them day to day.


Global Partnerships

When your business chooses Meltwater as your global media intelligence solution, you're able to benefit from our partnerships with leading local and global news and social companies. From Dow Jones to WeChat, we hold partnerships with a global network of industry leaders so you can sleep well knowing that you have comprehensive coverage and insights. Furthermore, we've been able to enhance our monitoring and analytics capabilities in local markets through a string of local acquisitions over the past couple of years.

Global Media Intelligence Solution

Listen. Analyse. Engage. Benchmark. Repeat.

Meltwater helps senior marketing, comms and PR professionals obtain an unprecedented 360 perspective of their brand. We do this by efficiently sifting through thousands of news and social media conversations related to your brand, industry and competitors - both globally and locally. Companies use insights gleaned from our world-class global media intelligence solution to inform strategy, engage intelligently with their audience and measure success.


global media intelligence solution

Global footprint, local expertise

All in one global media intelligence solution

We understand that in large organisations it’s important to centralize the collection and distribution of outside data. Comparing apples with apples is impossible when data is coming in from different vendor streams. Meltwater acts as the single global media monitoring partner for many organisations, helping to ensure all employees are working from a single source of truth and can compare and benchmark data against one another and overtime periods.


Meltwater global media intelligence solutions:


  • Track the largest content database in the industry: Through smart AI crawling, our media intelligence solution sifts through more than 275,000 global online news sources, comments, forums, message boards, job postings, financial filings, patent filings, product review sites, plus over 300 million blogs in the blink of an eye

  • Gain access to a one-stop-shop for all your media intelligence needs: Whether you're looking for Editorial & Social Media Monitoring, Media Analysis, Reporting, Social Media Engagement Management, Press Release Distribution, Influencer Contact Databases, Newsletters, APIs, Command Centers and more - Meltwater has you covered

  • Customize your solution: We understand that off the shelf products aren't always appropriate for large enterprise companies. Global organizations need global solutions, that's why we tailor the solution based on your specific KPIs and global/ local requirements

global media intelligence solution

Looking to send centralize your media intelligence? We're here to support your process.

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