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Because informed risk management creates competitive advantages.

Monitoring and visualizing the customer journey is crucial if you're aim is to spot new opportunities, optimise services and stand out from the competition. Insights gleaned from external data can help you stay one step ahead and spot potential opportunities and threats before they take hold.

We help global companies in the financial sector to reduce risks and stay informed about areas that build competitive advantages such as emerging market trends, digital disruption, customer behaviour developments and competitive insights.

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Work strategically with Risk Mitigation

As complexity in Financial Risk Management grows, so does the importance of AI supported data analysis. We understand how critical it is to quickly identify risks and threats such as cyber attacks, financial crises and changes in local and global legislation regulations. That's why we provide real-time analysis and business-critical alerts to help financial institutions identify external trends and monitor customer behaviour.


Protect your brand by eliminating blind spots.

Our solutions allow you to visualise and connect the dots between internal and external data sets.


Customers and stakeholders expect financial institutions to offer omnichannel experiences. Whether customers want to engage with you hrough social media, a mobile app or online public online forum, it's important that your organization is able to understand and anticipate their needs. Meltwater's Media Intelligence software helps you to stay on top of over 300,000 news sources and all relevant social media conversations globally. That way, your brand can understand what's being said and engage intelligently, improving the customer experience by doing so.

Instant Alerts

We understand that information overload is frustrating. Your brand can't be agile and respond effectively to financial crises, threats from competition, cyber risks or geopolitical uncertainty if they're unable to hone in on the real problems. We help you stay in control and work strategically by identifying only the most important threats and opportunities in external data. What's more, we'll send you alerts as soon as any opportunities or threats appear, before they take hold, so you can plan accordingly.

Data signals

We work as an extension of your team to define the signals that are deemed important to your company and industry. We then set up monitoring and alerts around your critical focus areas. With Meltwater, you have the option of integrating external media data with your own Business Intelligence systems such as tools like Taublau and Microsoft BI to reduce blind spots and ensure no stone is left unturned.

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